Redován enjoys of a varied and rich native cuisine fruit of its origins as a farming village, but at the same time opened to other cultures, being land of settlements of various peoples.

Any day of the year is good to taste in bars or restaurants the typical dishes or the selected tapas that are served, but they are especially significant the holidays in which there is not lacking the rice with rabbit and serranas, the rice with crust, the cooked with balls , Homemade calf tripe, artichoke omelet, etc …

To talk about the traditional cuisine of the municipality is to talk about family cooking and the genuine Mediterranean diet that are intimately related to the seasonal and festive cycles as well as the basic raw materials of the land. Apart from the rice with rabbit and serranas of our sierra and the cooked with balls, the most traditional and common dishes are the stews and rice dishes made with vegetables  of the time, accompanied or cooked with the most common meats in this zone, all type of Vegetables and sausages. This way, rice with vegetables is cooked in Redován, with rice, warming rice with meat, lentils, roasted with different meats, also pointing out that the summer kitchen is usually lighter, although a good salad is not lacking in any season of the year. The desserts and sweets are also very varied: in Todos los Santos is typical the arrope and calabazate and porridge; In Easter, the monas, cakes of glory, light dishes; And at Christmas, candies as toñas, mantecados, almonds. Not to forget sweets that are made all year round like tortas, cakes, biscuits, egg rolls, egg pastes, etc.

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