Magister Montesinos ‘Translation’

The Magister is a work written by Don Jose Montesinos Pérez and Martinez de Orumbella who, acting as chronicler, comes to relate the most remarkable stories and events of the municipalities of Alicante, dedicating to the municipality of Redován, chapter X, The foundation and progress of the place of Redován, his illustrious parish church, halls of his memorials children, with other curious things.

Through 62 pages the most relevant facts of the municipality are described as its location “two miles from the line of Murcia, half of the river Segura and equal distance from the city of Orihuela […]” as its origins, families noble to Which belonged to Redován as well as the construction of his parish, the clergymen who have passed through it and even the reference to a miracle performed by the Virgin of Health at the end of the 17th century.

This work is made available to all neighbors who want to know and study. The following images are a transcribed version for your better understanding and reading. A transcript of María José Cañizares and Ana García Bravo.