Pumpkin cakes


  • 3 bowls of boiled pumpkin.
  • 1 bowl of olive oil.
  • ¼ kg of sugar.
  • Flour that admits.
  • A piece of baker’s yeast.
  • Pine nuts and anise seeds.
  • Honey.


GROWING: a bowl of pumpkin and half of yeast and flour; Knead to form a ball and let it rest, has to double its volume.

Next to this growing the rest of pumpkin, sugar and yeast, pine nuts and anise are added and kneaded. The dough is again left to stand and the dough is fermented, portions are taken and given form, placed in oven louver and allowed to stand until they almost double their volume.

With a scissors they are made piquitos and they are cooked in the oven at medium temperature. Once cold they bathe with honey and sprinkle with sugar.