Fried shrimp


  • ½ kg of Swiss chard.
  • ½ kg of shrimp.
  • ½ kg slices and sarrajones.
  • ½ kg of tomato.
  • Hard or soft garlic.
  • 2 ñoras.
  • 1 “salad” sardine.
  • Oil.
  • Salt.



  • Wash the vegetables well and boil them. Once boiled they drain very well with a strainer and itch.
  • In a frying pan oil is put and it is put to heat, the garlic is chopped to pieces and once golden they separate.
  • In this oil, the tomato and the sardine are cooked, and when done, add the vegetables and garlic, give them a few turns to mix well with the tomato and sardine, and are ready to serve .