Redován requests to the Autonomic Ministry to create bike lanes that link the town with Orihuela and Callosa

  • The sections go from the Puente Alto to the access to Redován and from El Rincón to the entrance to the neighboring municipality of Callosa

The Councilor for Infrastructure of the Redován City Council, Ramón López, has received a visit from Enrique del Río, head of the territorial service of the Department of Public Works in the province of Alicante, together with the road conservation technician Rosana Climent and Pedro Mora , Technical Medium of Public Works of the Generalitat. The regional authorities wanted to know how the bike lane works at the entrance to Redován through the Oriolana district of La Campaneta are progressing. The mayor has taken the opportunity to request the execution of new works to improve road safety in access to the town, specifically from the Puente Alto area where the municipal government also wants to execute a section of bike lane of about one kilometer.

Ramón López explained that “the Generalitat Public Works managers have been asked to study for the implementation of a bike lane or, if this is not possible, the installation of steel, from the Puente Alto area, on the road that connects Orihuela with Redován, towards the urban area of ​​the municipality ”. The councilor has specified that an equal action is requested “from the departure from the El Rincón neighborhood to the neighboring town of Callosa.” This last section with an approximate length of 200 meters. In López’s opinion, both “actions would be very beneficial and would help to improve the displacement of Redovanenses in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. At the same time, it has stressed that “access to Redován would be made safer for bicycle users.”

The meeting also had the objective of reviewing the evolution of the works to extend the cycle lane route along the CV-919 La Campaneta-Redován, which began last September to the town’s urban center. The works are progressing well and are expected to be completed in mid-October, allowing bicycles to circulate in two directions on the four-meter wide lane.

Work has begun on the bicycle lane next to the CV-919 to extend its route to the town centre of Redován

  • It is 450 metres long and four metres wide and will allow bicycles to travel in both directions to the town

The Department of Infrastructure of Redován City Council, which is headed by Ramón López, has reported on the work that the Regional Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility is carrying out in the municipality to extend the CR-919 La Campaneta-Redován cycle path, with the town centre.

Until now, this area of circulation for cyclists ended at the beginning of the Avenida de la Constitución, surrounding the roundabout. Now, “and with the completion of the last 450 metres, it will allow uninterrupted traffic for the users of this means of transport”, explained the councillor, “which will allow double traffic in the three metres wide lane”. It will be four metres wide to allow two-way traffic for bicycles.

The work, which will cost approximately 170,000 euros, has been paid for by the Road Conservation Area of the Regional Ministry and is expected to be completed by mid-October. As explained by López, the development of this action also includes the installation of a separation kerb of approximately one metre, to protect road users and prevent vehicles travelling on the road from invading the cycle lane.

“We are grateful to the Regional Ministry of Public Works for the work that is being done to unify this section of cycling track with the urban centre of Redován”, said the mayor, “and which helps us as a municipality to evolve towards a cleaner environment, by committing to a sustainable means of transport such as the bicycle”, he added.

Redován launches the works of the Classroom 24 hours and the Exhibition Hall

Redován 25/10/2018. Redován will count next spring with two facilities that are in high demand by the population and have been persecuted by the municipal government for years. The Plan of Works and Services of the Provincial Council will make them possible with a budget of 450,000 euros and is about the creation of a 24-hour study room and another exhibition, on the second and third floors respectively of the former home of the teachers. The two new plants will each have an area of ​​270 square meters and will allow the installation of all the necessary furniture so that they can fulfill their function once the work is completed, something planned for the end of April.

This building, as recalled by the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, “was demolished in 2014 to start up a first phase of works that involved the expansion, on the ground floor, of the living room of the Cultural Center of the Third Age “. Fernandez explains that “what we do now is to complete this project that again has provincial funds and that has already begun to materialize so that it can be ready next April.”

The councilor assured that the 24-hour study room “will allow our students, especially our young people, to have a place to prepare their exams without having to leave Redován”, while the exhibition hall “is going to allow the City Council to promote, together with our cultural associations, the organization of artistic exhibitions of any kind and make our municipality become a cultural center for the Vega Baja. ”

Fomento is committed to the City Council of Redován to build the roundabout of Barrio San Carlos by the end of 2019

Redován 12/9/2018. The roundabout of the N-340 at the height of the Barrio San Carlos de Redován has become another of the historic claims in infrastructures of the City Council, and today it has been put on the table of the general director of Roads of the Ministry of Public Works, Javier Herrero . The state official has held a meeting with the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández and councilors Adrián Ballester and Nely Ruiz, a meeting in which he has committed to the aforementioned roundabout, which should end with one of the black points of this road national, is completed in December of next year 2019.

Herrero has indicated that at the moment the project, which was provisionally approved in September 2016, two years ago, “has passed the period of allegations and based on the study thereof has undergone a modification and has been approved by new provisionally dated August 22, which requires a new public information process, “said the mayor of Redova. Fernandez added that “Fomento has already requested the demarcation of Roads of the Valencian Community to launch this process of public information.” It will indicate the public utility and the urgent need to occupy the assets and rights affected by the redefinition of the project as well as the replacement of the affected services “.

When the public exhibition process passes, it can be put to tender and start a project that has a bid base budget of 2,233,954.24 and that includes the entire project of road safety, conditioning of intersections, rearrangement of access and treatment of the crossing between kilometer points 691 + 800 and 697 + 800, Redován-Albatera section. The mayor of Redován considered important “the fact that the project goes ahead with a procedure that we would all like to be more agile and quick,” and he has hoped that “the deadlines that the CEO has given us can be fulfilled, since this Rotonda is a very necessary infrastructure for those who travel along this road but especially for the neighbors of the San Carlos de Redován neighborhood. ”