• It is 450 metres long and four metres wide and will allow bicycles to travel in both directions to the town

The Department of Infrastructure of Redován City Council, which is headed by Ramón López, has reported on the work that the Regional Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility is carrying out in the municipality to extend the CR-919 La Campaneta-Redován cycle path, with the town centre.

Until now, this area of circulation for cyclists ended at the beginning of the Avenida de la Constitución, surrounding the roundabout. Now, “and with the completion of the last 450 metres, it will allow uninterrupted traffic for the users of this means of transport”, explained the councillor, “which will allow double traffic in the three metres wide lane”. It will be four metres wide to allow two-way traffic for bicycles.

The work, which will cost approximately 170,000 euros, has been paid for by the Road Conservation Area of the Regional Ministry and is expected to be completed by mid-October. As explained by López, the development of this action also includes the installation of a separation kerb of approximately one metre, to protect road users and prevent vehicles travelling on the road from invading the cycle lane.

“We are grateful to the Regional Ministry of Public Works for the work that is being done to unify this section of cycling track with the urban centre of Redován”, said the mayor, “and which helps us as a municipality to evolve towards a cleaner environment, by committing to a sustainable means of transport such as the bicycle”, he added.