Redován Town Council incorporates three caretakers and a labourer with the EMPUJU and ECOVID programmes of Labora co-financed by the European Social Fund

Redován 29/12/2021. Redován Town Council is once again benefiting from the Labora programmes of the Generalitat Valenciana EMPUJU and ECOVID, both of which are financed by the European Social Fund. Based on them, four people have been hired for a year, two under 30 years old and two unemployed over that age, who will work as caretakers in municipal facilities and masonry labourer.

The Councillor for Employment, Maite Martínez, said that this type of programme is “very important for the Redován Town Council, because we give the opportunity to two young people to enter the labour market, while on the other hand, two unemployed people over 30 have a one-year contract and guarantee a salary for their families during that time”.

The EMPUJU programme has a grant awarded to the Redován Town Council of 32,192 euros and the contracts run from 20 December 2021 to 19 December 2022. In this case, one of the young people hired will work as a construction labourer for the maintenance of urban public spaces, and in the second, a caretaker for surveillance and custody of municipal facilities. In the case of the ECOVID programme of the Valencian Community, which aims to promote recovery from the crisis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its social consequences, the grant is 34,00.32 euros. The two people hired will carry out their work from this past Monday 27 December until 26 December 2022, and will also carry out the work of a caretaker for surveillance and custody of municipal facilities (opening and closing facilities and other functions of the caretakers”.

Redován Town Council to refurbish the old municipal gymnasium to house training classrooms

The old premises of the municipal gymnasium in Redován will reopen in the coming months, once the planned refurbishment work has been completed, to become a training centre. This was announced by the mayoress of Redován, Nely Ruiz, who recalled that, “although we had initially planned to reopen it as a gymnasium, we believe that at the moment the needs of our municipality are different and that is why we are going to create a space for approved classrooms that can host employment workshops and allow training in various trades for the unemployed in our municipality”. Ruiz considered that, at present, Redován has “a range of gyms that we consider to be good, as well as municipal sports facilities that also meet our needs and an indoor pavilion in the pipeline, while we do not have spaces for training, which means that people who want to take certain courses have to leave the town to do them”.

In this regard, the mayoress assured that “we have already contacted Convega, a consortium with which we already carry out actions of this type, and their technicians have seen the facilities and evaluated their suitability for them to be approved as training classrooms”. Nely Ruiz made this announcement in an appearance in which she was accompanied by the Councillor for Education, Marisol Ibáñez, and the Councillor for Employment, Maite Martínez, given that, initially, once the space has been fitted out, the facilities will be used to accommodate the students of the Sagrados Corazones School who will have to leave the centre during the refurbishment work that will begin in the coming months. The mayoress of Redován has assured that this option has been chosen “in order to speed up the works of the Plan Edificant, because if we have to request prefabricated classrooms the works would take longer. The councillor for Education, Marisol Ibáñez, recalled that the basic and execution project for the Sagrados Corazones School passed through the plenary last week and is currently in the public exhibition period, after which the tender will be launched. “We hope to be able to start work as soon as possible on a project that will improve the accessibility and health of the school,” said the councillor, who pointed out that “a new staircase and lift will be added to the grey pavilion to guarantee accessibility for all pupils and the bathrooms will be completely refurbished, with a total of six units to be built in the space left by the old staircase”. This will make up the bulk of the work, which includes the replacement of blinds and carpentry in both the grey and red pavilions. “In the red pavilion, the exterior access pergola will also be refurbished, different areas of the façade will be repaired and the shutters will be changed, among other things,” Ibáñez commented. This work on 1,110 square metres of surface area “will adapt the centre to the needs of the Redovan educational community”.

For her part, the councillor for Employment, Maite Martínez, has defended the need that, once the work on the school and also on the secondary school has been completed, the start of which is imminent in the latter case, “Redován will have a space in which to train people who leave secondary school and do not want to go to a training course or university, or simply people who due to circumstances did not receive training before and who now, at an older age, want to learn a profession and can do so without leaving our town”. For this reason, he emphasised that “we are going to work hand in hand with Convega so that Redován can become one of the many places for courses offered by the consortium, as up until now we have hosted some, but far fewer than we would like”. Martínez pointed out that the procedure for the approval and accreditation of collaborating centres is carried out on the basis of an order from the Regional Ministry of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment which regulates the procedure for the accreditation of facilities, as long as the minimum requirements of space, facilities and equipment established for all the training modules of the certificates of professionalism are met. To conclude, the mayoress said that she hopes to have the project for the adaptation of the facilities ready as soon as possible “and to recover a public space that had been closed for several years to use it for the benefit of the citizens of Redovan”.


Redován launches grants of up to 3,000 euros for the self-employed, SMEs and micro-SMEs in the municipality

The Redován Town Council has launched aid to minimise the economic impact of COVID-19 on SMEs, micro-SMEs, small self-employed entrepreneurs and professionals with tax domicile in the municipality who have been affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic. This aid of up to 3,000 euros per application, will be granted through the subsidy of 58,578.33 euros granted by the Provincial Council of Alicante to the Consistory redovanense, and interested persons have from today until 22 October to apply for them through the Electronic Headquarters of the City of Redován, where you can also consult in detail the rules of the call published yesterday in the Official Gazette of the Province of Alicante. SMEs, micro-SMEs, freelancers and professionals who have reduced their turnover by at least 25% compared to the average monthly turnover in 2019 will be eligible for this aid. A microenterprise is considered to be one that has a maximum of 10 workers and has an annual turnover or balance sheet of no more than two million euros. In addition, they must meet a series of requirements specified in the rules, such as being registered in the IAE in the municipality on 31 December last year or that the tax domicile is in Redován. Councillor José Nájar explained that these are direct aids intended to cover current expenses paid between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021. The councillor explained that the aim is to “provide liquidity to companies to facilitate their maintenance and with it, the employment of people from our town”. Eligible expenses include self-employment fees, rent for premises or business, consultancy and advisory services, telephone and internet costs, etc. However, other types of expenses such as cash payments or VAT and other taxes and fees will not be eligible for subsidy, as these are not concepts that can be included in this type of aid. The application period is 15 days after publication of the rules in the Boletín Oficial de la Provincia. Plan Resistir On the other hand, the Redován Town Council, through the Local Government Board, has approved the grants from the Plan Resistir of the Generalitat Valenciana which “began to be paid last Friday 24th September. This is a total of 52 grants to micro-companies and self-employed in certain activities related to trade and hospitality that had a maximum amount of 2,000 euros per application,” said the mayor.

Redován hires 19 agricultural labourers to clean and maintain ravines, paths, the natural area of La Ermita and various streets and squares.

Redován 16/7/2021. A total of 19 people will work in Redován from next Monday 19 July until 19 October to carry out cleaning and maintenance work in gullies, rural roads, La Ermita recreational area and various streets and squares. They will do so on the basis of the subsidy obtained by the Redovan Town Council as part of the agreement between the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and Local Corporations. A total of 78,796.80 euros covers one hundred percent of the salary costs of the workers.

The councillor for Employment, Maite Martínez, this morning announced the forthcoming incorporation of these 19 workers, 13 men and 6 women, “who throughout the summer will be carrying out much needed work in Redován”, said the councillor. The work will consist of clearing gullies, collecting waste and cleaning up to prevent materials being washed away in the event of flooding, as well as improving the infrastructure of Redován’s rural roads. Cleaning and maintenance work will also be carried out in La Ermita recreational area, Los Pasos sports centre, streets and public squares and the neighbourhoods of San Carlos and El Rincón.

64 full working days

A total of 64 full working days will be carried out, that is, eight hours per person, “in which we are going to carry out a complete plan to improve roads, streets and ravines, which is necessary every summer, especially in view of the autumn rainy season in the case of the ravines”. The councillor for Employment has detailed that the waste removed from the ravines “will be transferred to authorised dumps for proper treatment, and special emphasis will be placed on cleaning the area of the Ermita, since we have a privileged place for its nature and its views that has become an increasingly visited by people from our town and also from outside”.

With regard to the streets, Martinez has specified that the list is long, but has cited some as the avenues of Liberty, Constitution and the Provincial Council, the streets Las Escuelas, Escorrata or Jaboneros in the centre and virtually all the squares of the town, La Paz, Comunidad Valenciana, Francisco Ferrer, Miguel Hernandez, Plaza de la Cruz or Health, among others.

“As every year, the application is made to the Orihuela Labour Office where the personnel are selected,” explained the councillor, who pointed out that these are contracts of a fixed duration and are called “of social interest / promotion of agricultural employment”. The people selected are registered with Labora and affiliated to the Régimen Especial Agrario de la Seguridad Social.

Redován hires a technician to draw up the Municipal Flood Action Plan

  • The City Council will also update the current Municipal Territorial Emergency Plan to deal with possible episodes of storms

Redován Town Council will update the current Municipal Territorial Emergency Plan and will also draw up a new Municipal Flood Action Plan, as announced by the Councillor for Safety and Emergencies, Adrián Ballester. These plans will be drafted by the Senior Technician in Emergency Coordination and Civil Protection who has recently been hired by the Consistory of Redovan through the Emcold programme of the Valencian Employment and Training Service (Labora), a programme to promote employment in collaboration with local corporations, which has been endowed with a grant of 17,777 euros.

The new emergency technician has already joined the staff of the Consistory and will carry out the drafting of these plans during the six months of his contract. In this way, as Ballester has indicated, “we will be prepared to be able to prevent any type of risk in the event of floods, earthquakes or fires, and to deal more efficiently with future emergency situations to avoid possible consequences as far as possible”.

Both the Municipal Territorial Emergency Plan and the Floods Plan will provide a breakdown of all the climatological, environmental, population and infrastructure characteristics of Redován, as well as a description of the possible risks, both natural and man-made, that may occur in the municipality. “It also includes the regulations to be applied in these situations, as well as the structure, organisation and operation of the plan, together with its different phases and procedures for action,” explained the councillor.

In this way, “the municipality of Redován will be better prepared and organised for possible emergency situations, as was the case with the 2019 floods caused by the DANA, which we all remember for their devastating devastation”, explained the councillor for Emergencies, who added that “the Redován Town Council continues to work and prepare various actions and projects in the municipality to deal with future temporary episodes”.

Redován City Council pays out more than 39,000 euros in aid to shops, companies and self-employed workers

  • The amounts subsidised range from 100 to 2,000 euros for around thirty companies, with the help of the Diputación de Alicante

Redovan City Council, through the departments of Finance, Legal Services and Employment, has made effective the payment of emergency aid for SMEs and self-employed to twenty-eight companies, shops and self-employed in the municipality, which in recent months have been affected in their economic activity by the consequences of the health crisis produced by the Covid-19. The total amount of this aid is ?39 127 and has been granted directly thanks to a subsidy from the Diputación de Alicante.

These grants are in addition to the various subsidies received to promote recruitment in the municipality, as indicated by Maite Martinez, head of the area of Employment of the Consistory Reddovanense, “since our purpose as a government team is to help in any way we can to anyone who needs it. Martinez recently announced the hiring of two concierges through the ECOVID program call for people over 30 years who are unemployed as a result of the situation arising from the Covid-19. The mayor of Employment also said that “we will continue to apply for all those grants to which we can adhere,” adding that “we are already working towards next year to continue helping the most vulnerable groups in the municipality.

“The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 has affected all areas of society, making it also our economic engine as a municipality, businesses and traders,” said Adrian Ballester, councillor of Finance. In this way, “one of our priorities as a Town Hall in this situation has also been to protect, preserve and support these pillars of our productive and social fabric”, he added. Likewise, the Councillor for Legal Services, José Nájar, stated that “the objective has always been to minimise the impact as much as possible and to ensure that, once the health alarm is over, economic activity in the town is boosted as soon as possible”.

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