Redován, Callosa and Cox will coordinate joint police security checks in neighbouring areas

Redován Town Council, through the head of the Local Police, has participated in the coordination meeting between the police chiefs of Callosa de Segura, Cox-Granja and Redován. The three commanders attended an initiative of the Department of Public Safety of the Callosa Town Council with the aim of coordinating security between the three towns.

The aim of the meeting was to establish a security coordination plan between the three neighbouring towns. In this way, coordinated traffic checkpoints will be set up jointly and at random in the border areas. The Councillor for Security of the City Council of Callosa, Rocio Cuadrado has indicated that “we are convinced that this initiative will work very well in the control of traffic and security between the three municipalities. The understanding and work with the local police of Cox-Granja and Redován is fantastic, and this will have a positive impact on the safety of the population of the three municipalities.

Callosa de Segura, Cox-Granja and Redován have a combined population of more than 35,000 inhabitants, in addition to the itinerant passage of thousands of people who pass through the municipalities on a daily basis. The mayoress of Redován, Nely Ruiz, said that this type of coordinated action between the local police “is very important, and represents a further step in the close collaboration that the local police of our municipalities have maintained for years, as well as with the State Security Forces and Bodies”. The Redovan councillor added that, in addition, “it allows us to reinforce the traffic and security controls that until now we have been carrying out with our own resources, but with more staff thanks to the addition of agents from the three towns”.

From Cox Town Council, the councillor for Public Safety, Ramón Pertusa, said that “the coordinated work between the three municipalities is a guarantee to improve, even if possible, the quality of the service that benefits the citizens” while highlighting “the great work that has been done for years and the result is embodied in this agreement that improves resources and makes us more efficient and effective by working as a team”.

Local Police arrest an individual for allegedly attempting to rob a shop.

Redován 14/1/2021. The Local Police of Redován have arrested an individual as the alleged perpetrator of an attempted robbery inside a commercial establishment in the town. The incident took place on 10 January at around half past eleven at night, when a neighbour called the police headquarters to report that there were sounds of banging inside the establishment in question.


The officers immediately went to the shop, where they could see at first that the entrance shutter had been forced and the glass of the door had been broken. The quick reaction of the neighbour and the police intervention allowed them to surprise the alleged perpetrator of the attempted robbery still inside the shop, who had crouched and hidden in an attempt to go unnoticed by the officers without succeeding. The man was arrested and handed over to the Guardia Civil in Callosa de Segura for further investigation.


He is the third person arrested by the Local Police so far this year for similar acts. The other two people were apprehended in the early hours of 1 January when they were also allegedly preparing to steal inside a commercial establishment. In addition to this, at the end of the year, the perpetrators of a series of acts of vandalism in the building of the Third Age were located.

The Redován Local Police consolidates its staff with a new chief of police and the incorporation of two officers as career civil servants

  • The Redovan municipal police force has 13 posts covering the public safety service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The staff of the Local Police has been consolidated with two selective processes that have been carried out in recent months: a chief officer and two agents with the category of career civil servants. In this way, José Gabriel Martínez takes over from Antonio Ruiz, who retired a few months ago. Martínez, with 21 years of service in the municipality of Redovan, has passed the selection process and, therefore, now officially occupies the post of chief officer.

On the other hand, two police officers who were working as interim officers have won their permanent posts after the selection process that has just ended. In this way, the Redován Local Police now has 13 officers in the absence of a vacancy which will be filled shortly and which corresponds to the post left by the current chief. The Redovan Town Council has made a firm commitment to the job stability of the police force, as the aim is that, little by little, all members of the police force will be career civil servants. That is why the procedures have been initiated to launch a new competition to incorporate these people into permanent positions.

The councillor for Security, Adrián Ballester, has been responsible for presenting these new additions in an appearance in which he stressed “the work done by the Local Police in Redován, because it is a body close to the citizens that in addition to working public safety performs many more tasks such as attending events, attends the entrance and exit of our schools and any situation that arises on the part of our neighbours. Ballester has therefore reiterated the importance of consolidating the positions that were in interim status “so that the main concern of our agents is to ensure the safety of our people”. The officers have been enrolled in the course for new local police officers organised by the Generalitat Valenciana through IVASPE.

24 hours, 365 days

The police force covers the public safety service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and its vehicle fleet includes two hybrid vehicles, equipped with defibrillators, among other things, as well as a moped. Ballester also said that collaboration with other forces such as the Guardia Civil at the nearby Callosa de Segura post is constant “and thanks to this joint work, various important operations have been carried out in our municipality in recent times”,

Redován Local Police arrest the alleged perpetrator of several thefts from vehicles, some in the vicinity of the Via Ferrata

  • The individual was caught with items allegedly stolen from the cars broken into on Sunday morning.

Officers of the Redován Local Police arrested on Sunday afternoon the alleged perpetrator of several robberies with force inside vehicles in the municipality. Some of these criminal acts had taken place in the vicinity of the Via Ferrata de Redován, which had generated alert among the people who come to practice sport in this unique space in the Vega Baja and now they can be calm, because the alleged perpetrator has been captured.

The arrest took place at around seven o’clock on Sunday afternoon, when the agents, after an intense search, found the individual of Algerian origin who is allegedly responsible for several thefts inside vehicles that took place that morning. Apparently, the man took advantage of the fact that the owners were not around to break the windows of the cars and gain access to the interior in order to get hold of personal belongings and any cash he could find. It was the owners of the vehicles who alerted the Local Police, and who also provided the officers with the man’s physical characteristics and clothing.

On the arrival of the patrol, the individual fled on a bicycle along various rural roads, so a search was initiated, which ended in the vicinity of Redován when the police intercepted a person who matched the description provided by the witnesses and who was later confirmed as the alleged perpetrator of the crime. At the time of his capture, the detainee was riding a bicycle in which he was carrying two bags with different construction tools, allegedly used to break into vehicles, two mobile phones, kitchen utensils and 300 euros in cash, which he could not prove his ownership. For all these reasons, he was apprehended by the agents and placed at the disposal of the Guardia Civil for his subsequent transfer to the judicial authority.

Redován Local Police seize counterfeit footwear and clothing at a market stall

Officers from the Redován Local Police have detected this morning a number of allegedly counterfeit sportswear items, which have been found in one of the stalls at their weekly street market. The items seized amounted to almost a hundred sports trousers, 5 sweatshirts and 38 pairs of imitation trainers from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Chanel. The items were immediately removed and transported to police headquarters, which will be used as evidence to initiate legal proceedings against the owner of the street stall.

Redován Local Police officers arrest a man for allegedly stealing building materials from inside a house

  • The detainee was apprehended while fleeing after forcing his way into the house on Camino de Fortuna to steal a large amount of wiring and various objects

Officers from the Redován Local Police arrested an individual on Tuesday 19 January who allegedly broke into a country house on Camino de Fortuna in Orihuela, located on the border of the municipality with Redován, by forcing the front door. He is charged with an alleged offence of burglary. The events took place last Monday, when the owner of the house surprised the suspect, who was carrying a rucksack on his back. On being surprised, the suspect left the house and fled on foot. The homeowner then alerted the pair of Redován Local Police officers who were in the area at the time carrying out their duties, who located the individual a few metres away and began their pursuit.

The suspect ignored the officers’ orders to stop and tried to escape by entering a nearby orchard where he was immediately intercepted and arrested. After examining the contents of the backpack that the arrested man was carrying, the officers found eight rolls of cable, six metal taps, three stopcocks and a spray gun, materials that the owner confirmed had been stolen from his home. Finally, the detainee was taken to the National Police in Orihuela, where the relevant police procedures were carried out.

The Councillor for Public Safety, Adrian Ballester, thanked the work of the officers and all the staff of the Local Police of Redován in general for the work that has intensified in recent days since “in addition to ensuring the safety of all citizens of our town, they ensure in these difficult times, compliance with the rules to curb the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

Ballester also pointed out that the Redován Local Police “are working with all the means available to them to carry out these tasks of surveillance and control of those places that are included in the regulations, such as municipal parks and gardens and also catering establishments”. The councillor for Citizen Safety also wanted to point out that “the Local Police is at the service of the citizens of Redován”, reminding citizens that they can contact the officers for whatever they need by phoning 608 072 253.