Redován 14/1/2021. The Local Police of Redován have arrested an individual as the alleged perpetrator of an attempted robbery inside a commercial establishment in the town. The incident took place on 10 January at around half past eleven at night, when a neighbour called the police headquarters to report that there were sounds of banging inside the establishment in question.


The officers immediately went to the shop, where they could see at first that the entrance shutter had been forced and the glass of the door had been broken. The quick reaction of the neighbour and the police intervention allowed them to surprise the alleged perpetrator of the attempted robbery still inside the shop, who had crouched and hidden in an attempt to go unnoticed by the officers without succeeding. The man was arrested and handed over to the Guardia Civil in Callosa de Segura for further investigation.


He is the third person arrested by the Local Police so far this year for similar acts. The other two people were apprehended in the early hours of 1 January when they were also allegedly preparing to steal inside a commercial establishment. In addition to this, at the end of the year, the perpetrators of a series of acts of vandalism in the building of the Third Age were located.