Redován Town Council adapts the Gabriel Miró Street park to the needs of the residents of Rincón

Redován Town Council has improved the green area located in Gabriel Miró Street in El Rincón neighbourhood. With an investment of around 12,000 euros, this public space now has a calisthenics area with horizontal stairs, a simple bar, a trellis and parallel bars, repainting of the walls and benches and installation of approved shock-absorbing rubber paving. The mayoress, Nely Ruiz, and the councillor for Parks and Gardens, Ramón López Escarabajal, today visited the result of the work carried out over the last month and a half.

López Escarabajal explained that the Town Hall has paid for part of this work, specifically the decoration of the walls surrounding the park, while the rest is an improvement included in the contract of the company which carries out the maintenance of green spaces in the municipality.

“This is one of the various actions we are carrying out to adapt and improve our parks and gardens based on the needs of the people who use them on a daily basis,” said the councillor. Ramón López recalled that the Redován Town Council has already acted, among others, in the Plaza de la Salud, in the Morrongo neighbourhood, now in El Rincón, “and the next work will be in the children’s play area in the Plaza Miguel Hernández so that, little by little, we can carry out work in all the parks and squares in our town that so many people enjoy every day”.

For her part, the mayor of Redovan emphasised the fact “that the renovation of this park was necessary, as it was in quite a bad state, and it has also been carried out after meeting with the residents of the area and finding out about their concerns and needs, on the basis of which we have proceeded to make this project a reality”.

Redován Town Council creates its first 32 columbaria at the municipal cemetery

Redován Town Council has carried out a project in the municipal cemetery to increase the burial space by 12 new niches and the first 32 columbaria in the cemetery. The councillor for Public Services, Ramón López, explains that “many people had asked us for these columbaria, which are small niches for the cinerary urns of those who decide to be cremated, so when we considered this extension we decided to build them and respond to this demand”. Both the niches and the columbaria, 44 holes in total, have been built in accordance with the regulations set by the Generalitat Valenciana and have meant an investment of 6,000 euros for the Consistory of Redovan. This action joins the one carried out a few months ago and completed on the eve of the commemoration of All Saints’ Day, which consisted of adapting the landscaping of the main entrance to the cementery and the interior flowerbeds.

Redován Town Council launches a campaign to ensure that plots of land are clean by 15 June

The Town Council of Redován has launched, through the Town Planning Department, the annual campaign to clean up plots of land, through which owners of undeveloped land in the municipality are reminded that it is necessary to keep them in good condition to avoid the appearance of insects and rodents that cause inconvenience to the public. The councillor for Town Planning, José Nájar, has been in charge of presenting this campaign “for which on this occasion we have chosen to send a letter to all owners of plots of land in Redován urging them to clean up before 15 June, after which date the Local Police will monitor whether or not this has been done and the appropriate measures will be taken by the Town Council”. Nájar pointed out that this year, “instead of issuing a Bando de Alcaldía as has been done on other occasions, we have chosen to distribute this poster around the town, which is much more visual and which we think will reach more people who can see it”.

If I can do it, you can do it’, is the slogan of this campaign, which has also adopted the hashtag #RedovánMásLimpio that will accompany the publications that will be made every week on social networks. “The idea is to create a weekly photo album in which we can review the plots that are being cleaned”.

Municipal Ordinance

Since 2020, Redován has had a Municipal Ordinance on Neighbourhood Coexistence which establishes the obligation to maintain these plots in hygienic and healthy conditions. The municipal responsible has recalled that this regulation establishes fines for those who do not clean their plots “which can range from 750 to 1,500 euros, but I have to say that this campaign has no desire to collect money, but the only thing we intend from the City Council is that the land is cleaned and that, thereby, their owners contribute to our municipality is cleaner and do not generate problems of coexistence between neighbours.

Nájar pointed out that “the best time to carry out the clean-up is precisely now, during the months of May and June, and this year it is more than necessary, given that the rains in March and April have caused the plants to grow a lot and have brought forward the nuisance of mosquitoes and other types of insects”. He thanked those who have already done their duty and appealed to those who have not yet done so to get started as soon as possible.

The Redován Town Council includes the adaptation of a green area in El Rincón in the new parks contract.

Redován 1/3/2022. The Governing Board of the Redován Town Council has given the green light to the tendering of a new contract for the maintenance of parks and gardens in the municipality which includes, as an improvement, the adaptation of a green space in El Rincón. This contract will update the current one to provide service to all the areas created in recent years, and also takes into account the increased cost of materials, as explained by the councillor for Contracting, José Nájar. For all these reasons, the amount has also increased to 115,000 euros per year (26,000 more than the previous one) for a contract that will last for four years, “which makes it one of the most important in terms of quantity of those implemented by this Town Hall”, said the councillor.


Nájar explained that the company which undertakes to carry out the new green area in the El Rincón neighbourhood as soon as possible after the service is awarded “will obtain a higher score, as the drafting of the tender documents gives priority to carrying out this work”. The councillor indicated that, once the service is awarded, in a few months El Rincón will have a park equipped with artificial grass, rubber paving and a place to practice calisthenics with horizontal and vertical stairs and five modules of dominated straight bars, materials and finishes in compliance with European standards.


According to the councillor for Contracting, “the Redován Town Council has drawn up a set of specifications for the benefit of our green spaces and, therefore, our citizens”. In this way, the councillor specifies, “we are responding to the needs of all the green areas of Redován, as those that have been created in recent years were not included in the previous contract and it is necessary for them to be included in the maintenance to be carried out by the service”.

The mayoress of Redován defends the updating of the rubbish tax, which has not been revised since 2003.

Redován 17/06/2021. The mayoress of Redován, Nely Ruiz, explained today at a press conference the update of the rubbish tax, which was approved in the plenary session in October last year and which came into force on 1 January. “We reported this fact in October, we informed all channels of communication, in the media, we met last week with traders and hoteliers and we will explain it as many times as necessary,” said the councillor, who pointed out that “it was necessary to make this review of prices that were set in 2003 with a population of 6,000 people for a waste collection service that today, with 8,000 inhabitants, was loss-making and that we have to improve”. Ruiz pointed out that when the landfill had to be changed for the disposal of waste, a minor modification was made, but this is the first time that the rate has been made in depth. Keeping Redován clean costs 753,883.67 euros a year. Of this amount, 475,901.55 corresponds to waste collection and street cleaning; 42,500 to the treatment of rubbish and 235,482.12 to the treatment and disposal of waste. Up until last year, the council was only earning 300,000 euros from the charge, and the revision will therefore bring the annual income from the charge to 470,000 euros. The remaining 40% of the total cost of the service is assumed by the City Council. The mayoress recalled how in the plenary session the opposition groups considered it necessary to update the rate, which was approved with the favourable votes of the PP, the abstention of the PSOE and the negative vote of Unidas Podemos (Ciudadanos was not present at the session).

The revision of the fee was based on a study carried out by SUMA at the request of the Consistory of Redovan. In this study, a comparison was made with the rates paid in other municipalities in the Vega Baja and the prices were compared. In addition, it was taken into account that the increase would be applied according to the amount of waste generated. In this way the households, a total of 3,540, assume a lower cost than other activities. “We are aware that we are asking for an extra effort, especially from shopkeepers and hoteliers, but it is necessary to improve a service for the benefit of all citizens,” said the mayor. The update means an annual increase for homes, which are the most numerous, of 22.55 euros, 1.87 euros per month, as they go from paying 76.45 to 99 euros each year, while large industries, supermarkets and the geriatric have a greater impact. Nely Ruiz has given an account of the costs that the Town Hall has assumed in recent years on account of the deficit in the rubbish tax, around 33% each year with the exception of 2019, as due to the clean-up work by DANA that deficit shot up to 74.85%. “We are at the time of launching a new contract that will be beneficial for all citizens and also for the environment, because it involves an improvement of the machinery, making it more respectful, the change of all containers in addition to the increase of its interior and exterior cleaning, we will triple the number of recycling bins and incorporate the brown, We are also going to triple the number of recycling containers and incorporate the brown one, exclusively for organic waste, and containers for pruning, as well as doubling the number of cleaning staff on our streets”, explained the mayoress, who pointed out that “we must also take into account the increase in recent years due to the transfer to the plant and the disposal of our waste”. During the appearance, the mayoress of Redován recalled the measures adopted by the Town Hall in recent times for both the commercial sector and the hotel and catering trade, such as the suspension of the tax on the occupation of public roads, the closure of streets at weekends, the financial allocation of 6,000 euros to encourage trade, the Plan Resistir aid in which the Town Hall has contributed 25,000 euros together with the Diputación and the Generalitat, and the promotional videos. To conclude, Ruiz recalled that “nobody likes to pay more taxes, but at the end of the day they are to improve the services provided in the municipality, and in Redován we have spent four years with all taxes frozen to try to help, as far as possible, the economy of our people”.

Redován provisionally awards the new waste collection and street cleaning contract to STV Gestión

  • The contract extends waste collection to seven days a week, modernises the machinery and introduces a fifth container

The Plenary of the Redován Town Council, meeting in Extraordinary Session, has given the green light to the contracting of the waste collection and street cleaning service, which has been provisionally awarded to the company STV Gestión. The tendering process launched by the Consistory of Redovan comes to an end with the award, for an amount of around 430,000 euros per year, which aims to significantly improve street cleaning and waste collection through the numerous improvements set out in the specifications. The contractor will start work in the municipality from next week. “From now on, we begin a new stage in which Redován will have an updated service adapted to a town of its size and population,” said the mayoress, Nely Ruiz.

The main new feature of this contract is “the extension of the collection of solid urban waste to seven days a week, instead of the six that we have had until now”, said the councillor for Municipal Services, Ramón López. The councillor indicated that one of the company’s commitments is to increase the number of containers throughout the municipality, “both for residual waste and for recycling paper and cardboard, packaging, plastics and glass”, together with the implementation of a fifth container, brown in colour, for the collection of organic waste”.

This increase in the number of containers will allow for more effective waste collection, and at the same time, encourage the habit of recycling among the population, which will make Redován a greener municipality. The specifications also included an increase in the number of hours of work and “the modernisation and improvement of machinery for the performance of this service, which will be totally respectful of the environment”, added López. Other conditions requested of the new contractor include the extension of the collection of household waste to two days a week; fixed containers for the removal of pruning and other waste; the installation of doggy bag dispensers and extraordinary buckets.

For his part, the councillor for the Treasury, Adrián Ballester, stressed that “this is one of the most important contracts of this council, which was drawn up with the contributions and consensus of all the political groups and which will also be audited by external agents throughout the period of execution”. Ballester also stressed the need for renewal that existed since the service, “has remained unchanged or updated since 2003, so now what we seek is to offer citizens a much better waste collection and street cleaning and according to the time in which we are”.

The mayoress of Redován has indicated that, with the implementation of the new conditions, “it will allow a better functioning of the service and a closer relationship with the citizens”, adding that “we are thus fulfilling one of the main commitments made by this government team at the beginning of the legislature, with the primary objective of improving the quality of life and well-being of the citizens”.