Redován 1/3/2022. The Governing Board of the Redován Town Council has given the green light to the tendering of a new contract for the maintenance of parks and gardens in the municipality which includes, as an improvement, the adaptation of a green space in El Rincón. This contract will update the current one to provide service to all the areas created in recent years, and also takes into account the increased cost of materials, as explained by the councillor for Contracting, José Nájar. For all these reasons, the amount has also increased to 115,000 euros per year (26,000 more than the previous one) for a contract that will last for four years, “which makes it one of the most important in terms of quantity of those implemented by this Town Hall”, said the councillor.


Nájar explained that the company which undertakes to carry out the new green area in the El Rincón neighbourhood as soon as possible after the service is awarded “will obtain a higher score, as the drafting of the tender documents gives priority to carrying out this work”. The councillor indicated that, once the service is awarded, in a few months El Rincón will have a park equipped with artificial grass, rubber paving and a place to practice calisthenics with horizontal and vertical stairs and five modules of dominated straight bars, materials and finishes in compliance with European standards.


According to the councillor for Contracting, “the Redován Town Council has drawn up a set of specifications for the benefit of our green spaces and, therefore, our citizens”. In this way, the councillor specifies, “we are responding to the needs of all the green areas of Redován, as those that have been created in recent years were not included in the previous contract and it is necessary for them to be included in the maintenance to be carried out by the service”.