Redován 12/9/2018. The roundabout of the N-340 at the height of the Barrio San Carlos de Redován has become another of the historic claims in infrastructures of the City Council, and today it has been put on the table of the general director of Roads of the Ministry of Public Works, Javier Herrero . The state official has held a meeting with the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández and councilors Adrián Ballester and Nely Ruiz, a meeting in which he has committed to the aforementioned roundabout, which should end with one of the black points of this road national, is completed in December of next year 2019.

Herrero has indicated that at the moment the project, which was provisionally approved in September 2016, two years ago, “has passed the period of allegations and based on the study thereof has undergone a modification and has been approved by new provisionally dated August 22, which requires a new public information process, “said the mayor of Redova. Fernandez added that “Fomento has already requested the demarcation of Roads of the Valencian Community to launch this process of public information.” It will indicate the public utility and the urgent need to occupy the assets and rights affected by the redefinition of the project as well as the replacement of the affected services “.

When the public exhibition process passes, it can be put to tender and start a project that has a bid base budget of 2,233,954.24 and that includes the entire project of road safety, conditioning of intersections, rearrangement of access and treatment of the crossing between kilometer points 691 + 800 and 697 + 800, Redován-Albatera section. The mayor of Redován considered important “the fact that the project goes ahead with a procedure that we would all like to be more agile and quick,” and he has hoped that “the deadlines that the CEO has given us can be fulfilled, since this Rotonda is a very necessary infrastructure for those who travel along this road but especially for the neighbors of the San Carlos de Redován neighborhood. ”