The Municipal Ordinance of Neighbourhood Coexistence of Redován establishes the obligation, for the owners of plots in the municipality, to maintain them in hygienic and sanitary conditions. For this reason, the Town Planning Department has informed through social networks, website as well as in different neighbourhoods of the town through a notice, about the need to carry out this cleaning during the month of May, “given that, although good conditions must be guaranteed throughout the year, now is when the grass has grown the most and can cause, and in fact does cause, the appearance of mosquitoes and other insects with the consequent inconvenience to the neighbourhood,” said councillor José Nájar. The councillor recalled that the regulations establish penalties ranging from 750 to 1,500 euros for those who do not comply with their obligation.

The Local Police will carry out an inspection in June and will inform the Town Planning Department about those in poor condition.

From June onwards, the Local Police will inspect the plots and inform Urbanismo of those that do not comply with the regulations, and it will be from then on that sanctions will be imposed. “We hope that it will not be necessary to impose sanctions and we trust that the owners will take responsibility for the clean-up, although if not, we will have to resort to fines,” said the councillor. Nájar asked landowners to cooperate “so that they take this ordinance into account and ensure that the land is free of plants, but also of debris and any other rubbish throughout the year”. The ordinance also includes the application of rat extermination and disinfection of the perimeter of the site.