Redován 20/2/2018. #Tantasquesomos is again the ‘hastag’ elected in Redován for the commemoration on March 8 of International Women’s Day, a date that counts in the municipality with a broad program presented by the Councilor for Social Services, Nely Ruiz, accompanied by the mayor, Emilio Fernández, who at the same time is president of the Commonwealth of Social Services La Vega with which the City Council organizes the activities. One of the main acts will be the Recognition that the City Council makes to Working Women, which this year falls to Trini Fuentes Marcos and that will be delivered on March 11 in an institutional act.

#Tantasquesomos and so much for achieving, doing, changing, improving, saying, teaching, traveling, demonstrating, giving … This is the presentation of this campaign in which Nely Ruiz recalled that both the Provincial Council of Alicante and the Office of Attention to Migrated Persons (Pangea), the Aracelia Association and the Women Association of Redován. The mayor explained that the program “goes beyond the month of March, since in January a workshop for the prevention of gender violence among adolescents began in the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel”, and yesterday at the Sacred Hearts School The equality and coeducation workshops for primary school students began. ”

Ruiz has degranado the programming of March, that will start the day 1 with the start of the Workshop of Mindfulness that will give the psychologist of the University of Murcia Roberto Crobu, an action directed to women “that helps the development of the emotional intelligence, helps to take decisions, alleviates stress and anxiety, among other benefits, “explained the councilor, who has encouraged the redovanenses to sign up through the website of the Mancomunidad La Vega ( The education will be protagonist in the programming and the students of Primary will have a session of theater for the equality the 5 of March with the work ‘I want to be scientific’.

On March 7, the emotional wellbeing support group will begin with the psychologist Sofía Cerezo as rapporteur, on the 8th the exhibition ‘Mujeres de Redován’ will open at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, at 11.00 am, and on March 9 it will be held the traditional women’s dinner at the Huellas Cafeteria. For March 10, the Association of Women of Redován will inaugurate a painting exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the La Gramaera Barraca and on the 11th the Recognition for Working Women will take place at 11.30 am in the Plenary Hall .

The kitchen could not miss, with a workshop dedicated to Mediterranean recipes by Pangea and that will take place at the Casa de los Maestros del Rincón, and on March 21, the Social Center for the Elderly will host a coffee at 3:30 p.m. and open day in the sewing workshop. To finish this wide calendar of events, on March 24 Pub La Kasika will host the concert of the group ‘La Cochera’ from eleven o’clock at night. Nely Ruiz also reminded that within the Dona Salud program, Redován has Zumba and Pilates classes underway.

For his part, the mayor of Redova, Emilio Fernández, has emphasized the different services and programs that are underway throughout the year and available to the people of the Republic through the La Vega Mancomunidad. In this sense, he highlighted the project ‘Areola Solidaria’, “aimed at the reconstruction of the mammary areola in those women who have suffered the removal of their breasts due to cancer” or the “free and specialized legal assistance service with which we have ” Fernandez stressed the importance of continuing with all these activities and especially with the campaign #NoTienesMiPermiso aimed at legislation against street harassment “that we are seeing how women suffer in public places without consent”. Thus, he explained that the petition is still underway in ‘’ to request that the laws include this type of harassment as a crime, while at the same time he recalled the repercussion that the campaign promoted by the La Vega Commonwealth has had at a national level, of which televisions have echoed as Antena3 and Tele5.