Redován Town Council is finalising the procedures to make the plot of land available to the Regional Ministry of Health for the construction of the new medical centre in the municipality. This was stated by the councillor for the Presidency, José Nájar, who described the work that has been carried out and which he hopes will culminate in the coming months with the approval, by the Plenary, of the transfer of the land “as the Department of Health has 100,000 euros in this year’s budget earmarked for the drafting of the project and the contracting of the project management”, said the councillor.


The plot in question is located on the Avenida de la Diputación Provincial de Alicante and next to the Plaza Comunidad Valenciana, a good location in the expansion area of Redován, very close to the centre and with good communications. It has a surface area of 1,872.61 square metres, “which will allow us to build much larger premises than the current ones and, therefore, extend the services provided in the current clinic,” said the councillor.


Last February, the Redován Town Hall sent the last documentation requested, a total of 111 documents, including reports, plans, studies, certificates, diligences, etc. This has resulted in a favourable report from the Conselleria de Sanidad and now it is up to the Heritage services to accept the land. The Consistory is already working on the modification of the inventory of municipal assets to incorporate this land, and as soon as this is done, in approximately two months, the transfer of the plot of land can be presented to the Plenary. “This will be the beginning of the construction of the medical centre, but also the end of a long and cumbersome process that finally ends and allows us to begin the process so that Redován can have, as soon as possible, the health facilities that our town deserves,” concluded Nájar.