The Redován Town Council wants the cost of September to be less pronounced for the citizens of Redován with the launch, on the 12th, of the Bono Consumo (Consumer Voucher). This campaign, subsidised by the Provincial Council of Alicante, will allow the purchase of vouchers worth 10, 20 or 40 euros, of which users will only pay half, as the other 50% will be provided by the Town Hall. The vouchers, which can be purchased both online through the website and physically at the Town Hall by appointment, can only be exchanged in shops and restaurants that have joined the campaign and can be seen on all the posters that have been made about the Bono Consumo.

The Councillor for Commerce, Maite Martínez, has encouraged the people of Redovan to take part in this campaign “either through their shops and catering establishments or by purchasing the vouchers and consuming, because it is an initiative that will benefit and have an impact on the economy of our municipality”. In addition, he added, this September “we have the double opportunity to prepare ourselves with the Bono Consumo for the start of the school year or to enjoy in our bars and cafes during the festivities we are celebrating”.

Redován has a total of 59,085 euros in vouchers which can be redeemed from 12 September on the aforementioned website, and in person at the Town Hall as long as an appointment has been made on 96 675 40 25. “This means putting 118,170 euros into circulation to benefit local commerce and hospitality, so we want the vouchers to reach as many people as possible, so that, in addition to purchasing them online, people who do not know or cannot use the internet, are not left without their vouchers,” said Martínez. The vouchers can be purchased and consumed until 12 October, although they will be on sale as long as there is credit available.

The mayor of Commerce has specified that the maximum number of vouchers that a person can buy is a total of 100 euros face value, ie 50 euros to be paid by the consumer and as many to be provided by the municipality.