The Redován Local Police arrested two people yesterday for an alleged crime of robbery with force in a poultry farm in the town. The agents received a call from the owner of the poultry farm who stated that two people had entered the house and that they had been able to retain them.

The police arrived at the compound and found one of the assailants outside the compound and another inside the holding, held by the owner of the same. The alleged thief confessed that he had entered to steal, but that he only wanted to take one or two wooden pallets to sell them later, and that he had gone with his partner, who was outside watching to take the pallets in a car.

The alleged perpetrators of the robbery were surprised by the owner of the factory when he got to work and it was when he realized that the alleged thieves had entered the farm through a hole in the fence and jumping over a small wall.

Finally, the assailants were arrested and transferred to the Callosa de Segura Civil Guard barracks for an alleged robbery of things in an attempted degree.