• Agent Antonio Ruiz Hernández leaves his post to retire after more than thirty years of belonging to the municipal police force

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Redován has been the place where this morning the act in recognition of the work and services carried out in the municipality by the Local Police agent, Antonio Ruiz Hernández, during his professional career took place. This act has been carried out with all health security measures due to Covid-19. Ruiz Hernández will proceed to retire after thirty-two years as part of this body, thirteen years at the head of it as Chief Officer. Ruiz remembered his beginnings in 1988 as a Police in Redován and thanked the mayors and councilors who have passed through the City Council, as well as all municipal workers, for their collaboration and help in the performance of their work. He also recalled the agents who have accompanied him all these years. “It has been a pleasure working with everyone. Despite the sadness that leaving work causes me, I must understand that everything has a beginning and an end. The time has come to enjoy free time, because life is short and the world is very wide, “said the policeman.

The event included the interventions of the mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, the Councilor for Citizen Security, Adrián Ballester, in addition to the participation of relatives, friends and colleagues of the honoree, in which he proceeded to stamp his signature in the book of honor of the municipality and the reception of an honorific plaque. Likewise, and as the mayoress has indicated, “in the last Municipal Plenary session, it was unanimously approved to apply to the Generalitat Valenciana for the Retirement Honor Diploma, one of the highest recognitions at the regional level for professional career”.

The mayor has highlighted the professionalism and work of this agent, since “it has been an honor and a privilege to have a police officer like Antonio in the town, dedicated to his work and always dedicated to helping his neighbors and the municipality ”. For her part, the Security Councilor has assured that “we could not otherwise fire this unbeatable agent, who in addition to performing her duties impeccably, is and has always been a very dear figure for all Redovans.”

Antonio Ruiz has a degree in Police Sciences. Appointed Chief Police Officer in 2007, in 2014 he received the medal of the Order of Civil Merit awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also been distinguished with the Police Merit Medal with a white badge from the Redován City Council in 2015, and more recently, with the Police Merit Cross with a white badge from the Generalitat Valenciana for his excellent professional career in twenty-five years of service.