The Councilor for Finance and Participation, Adrián Ballester, encourages citizens to vote both through the platform and in person at City Hall

The mayor has indicated that this tool seeks “that our neighbors are involved with the local administration and think about what they want for our people”

Redován 10/19/2018. The Participatory Budget of Redován has entered its third and final phase for which from the City Council the maximum participation of citizens is expected. This is the voting phase, open until October 31 at 12.00, and after which the results will be published. They will determine which of the twelve proposals presented will be included in the Municipal Budget of 2019. The Councilor for Finance and Citizen Participation, Adrián Ballester, has encouraged the people of Cordoba to vote, both through the platform from which it was made the whole process ( as in person at the Town Hall, going to do it from 9.00 to 14.00 hours.

Ballester recalled that this year are 40,000 euros that are allocated to the Participatory Budget, “ten thousand more than in the previous year, where we launched an experience that undoubtedly opens the local administration to citizens and allows them to participate in the taking of decisions of its City Council, something that we consider crucial for our neighbors to be involved and say what they want for our people. ” The mayor has outlined the finalist proposals, a total of twelve that have passed the second phase of evaluation “in which the municipal technicians have indicated which of the 25 total proposals were realistic and allow their realization through the budget,” Ballester said. .

The proposals are in terms of parties, culture, tourism and youth, the realization of a trade fair that can attract people from other locations and publicize local products. This section also includes the renovation and acquisition of instrumental, educational and audiovisual educational equipment for the School of Music of the Musical Union of Redován, as well as the construction, from a historical point of view, of a detachable castle that serves as a stage of the festivities of Moors and Christians with representations of the reconquest.

In services and infrastructures, the squares of the municipality take the cake, and all the proposals are aimed at their improvement. Thus, the remodeling of the Plaza Francisco Ferrer with more areas of games and shade, the change of grass and furniture of the Plaza Miguel Hernández, the closing of parks to avoid acts of vandalism at night and the closing of the Plaza de the Cross to avoid incidents with vehicles passing by. In social policies, the organization of therapeutic workshops for children with the accompaniment of their parents is proposed, with the aim of stimulating the babies’ physical and mental development, as well as carrying out English and Valencian courses at different official levels. In the same line, the employment section includes training in first aid aimed at fathers and mothers of students of sports schools, as well as monitors. Finally, in sports the construction of padel courts and the remodeling of changing rooms in the Antonio Pascual Gil Duana municipal soccer field is considered.

Adrián Ballester thanked the participation of the people who made the proposals and again insisted that “it is very important to participate, either through the platform or, if you do not have the necessary computer resources, coming to the City Council , because precisely what we want is that the municipal budget that we hope to present, as always, before the end of the year, count each time with more proposals made by redovanenses that are implied with the present, but above all with the future of our people “.