The Plenary Session of the Municipality of Redován today approved the awarding of the water contract proposed by the officials of the contracting table to the company Hidraqua. The details of the award have been given in a subsequent press conference by the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, the councilor of the Presidency, Adrián Ballester and the councilor of Agua, Ramón López.

From now on, a service is launched for which the City Council of Redova has a series of priorities such as improving the performance of the networks, since nowadays only 51.96% of the potable water available is used. the town. Thus, the goal is that by 2024 that yield will rise to 92.5%, that is, that more than 40% of potable water will be used today.

The mayor, Emilio Fernández, has indicated that there will be a series of actions aimed at increasing this use of water flow, such as the implementation of remote reading to 100% of Redován users including municipal accountants during the first year of service management , “When numerous renovations are also planned in the drinking water network”. In this way, he explained that in the first year of the contract hydrants will be installed and the fiber cement pipes will be replaced, the meshing of the network will be carried out in the streets Jesús Jordá and 6 of
December to Pascual Martínez and Calle La Paz “in order to guarantee the supply and improve the quality of the service and the water supplied”; the old connections of the urban helmet and the conductions of the road of the motor will be substituted. “That in the drinking water network, since for the sewerage there are also plans for improvements such as the installation of remote control and conditioning of the El Rincon sewage pumping, since it is a poor installation whose condition can be controlled in real time. from these works, “said the first
mayor. In the sewage and rainwater networks, advanced cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation of pipes will be incorporated, as well as the implementation of a sewer control service to the sewage network to facilitate the purification and reuse of water.

Social bonuses
The provision of the public drinking water service will also benefit the most disadvantaged groups in Redován. Specifically, up to 50% will be rewarded in the consumption of water for large families, 30% for disabled people, 10% for unemployed people and 30% for pensioners and retired people.

In the same way, the contract establishes that the City Council will propose the hiring of a specialized company to audit the contract. In this way, it will be verified during the fifteen years of the contract, that all the provisions of the contract and the specifications are fulfilled, guaranteeing the best provision of this public service. Also, it will be guaranteed that the rates do not increase to the neighbors, only when the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla increases the rate for the supply of drinking water to the municipality.

Office of attention to the public and environmental commitment
On the other hand, Redován will have the start of the service with a public attention office that will open its doors, fully accessible, at the intersection of Pío XII and Abajo streets, in front of the Town Hall. “We have foreseen that this office will open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and on Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., so that any neighbor or neighbor can carry out their tasks, apart from the telephone service 24 hours a day and through from the virtual office of the web “, said the mayor. The winning company will also make available to the service two electric vehicles “and has also proposed a series of actions in the Paraje de La Ermita in order to promote the conservation of the biodiversity of the recreational area, optimize its sustainability and improve facilities for use recreational and social “.

To this end, the area will be reforested and a drip irrigation system will be implemented to guarantee the survival of plant species and existing itineraries will be expanded with new paths, lookouts and urban furniture that will be made of natural materials that are integrated with the environment “, has indicated the mayor.

As for the investment to be made by the concessionaire in Redován, the contract establishes a mandatory amount of 469,000 euros, although Hidraqua will also pay a series of fees to the City Council (initial, infrastructure, municipal and environmental) that during the fifteen years of the concession will allow an investment of more than 3.5 million euros. In the event that the contract is finally extended for another five years, that is to say twenty in total, this investment would rise to 4.7 million.

The concessionaire, also, plans to start the service with a sectorization project to improve the pressure of the network “and an intensive search and leak detection campaign for which 100% of the networks will be checked, verifying the correct functioning of the valves, as well as another campaign to search for and detect fraud, “concluded Fernández.