The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, together with the councilor for Municipal Services, Ramón López, the mayor of Urban Planning, José Nájar and technicians from the Hidraqua company, visited this morning the works to improve the drinking water supply network. These actions are being carried out with the aim of improving the pressures, the quality of the service in some sections of the municipality’s network, increasing the efficiency of the networks and reducing water cuts for fault repair. The total amount of the first phase of execution amounts to 450,604 euros.

This week it is expected that the performances in Jesús Jordá and Seis de Diciembre streets will be concluded. Once this first phase is completed, work will continue on the second section of Calle 6 de Diciembre and Seminarista Ballesta, Calderón de la Barca and Calle La Paz. Specifically, works have been carried out to replace the old connections where deficiencies related to the presence of obsolete materials such as lead pipes, the poor state of conservation of the pipes and also the absence of shut-off valves and registration elements were detected. . All these problems directly affect an increase in leaks in the drinking water distribution network. The proposed works involve the renovation of 347 household connections and have a 4-month execution period and a budget of 189,970 euros. A total of 180 connections have already been renovated.

To carry out these actions, it is necessary to carry out supply cuts that affect the subscribers of the drinking water service, since it is essential for the disconnection of the old connections and the connection of the new ones. These cuts are made on a scheduled basis to minimize inconvenience to neighbors. In addition, the suspension of supply is notified in advance through an SMS alert and by social networks.

Due to the significant inconvenience for users, the City Council of Redován and Hidraqua have adopted the measure of making power cuts at night, starting at 23:00, so that the condition for subscribers is minimal . In this sense, to solve a historical problem such as general water cuts, due to the lack of cut-off valves, valves are being installed to isolate different areas of the urban area. This has already been verified in the works carried out on July 22, when a sector of the urban area could be isolated.

Another of the actions carried out has been the replacement of pipes and renewal of the drinking water network of the Camino del Motor. The network has been completely renovated with 850 linear meters of new high-density polyethylene distribution pipes and the renovation of existing household connections.

The Mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, explained that “it is very important works for the municipality, because it is a historical demand, since an integral action of this type has never been carried out to renew the supply network.” The first mayor has assured that “we have worked to minimize the impact of the works on the day to day of the neighbors, such as scheduling the outages at night, since we want to provide a solution and improve the quality of life of our citizens.”