Redován modernizes its market with six air conditioning units thanks to a grant from the Diputación

  • The economic development area of ​​the provincial entity grants more than 4.000 euros from its Plan for the Modernization of Municipal Markets

The Department of Commerce and Markets of the Redován City Council, led by councilor Maite Martínez, has announced the recent installation of six air conditioners in the municipal market, acquired thanks to a grant from the Alicante Provincial Council for development of actions in the field of economic development. The amount granted corresponds to 90% of the amount of expenditure, “a total of 4.129 euros that are part of the Plan for Modernization of Municipal Markets of the economic development area of ​​the provincial entity,” said the mayor.

The air conditioners equipped with heat pumps have already been installed in each of the establishments that offer service in the Redovanense food market, and as Martínez explained, this is an improvement that “was already very necessary given that the workers who carry out their activity in these facilities needed it especially for the summer months due to the high temperatures that can be registered inside ”. The new provision also benefits people who come to make their purchases, “improving the environment and facilitating access to it.” In the same way, it is an environmentally responsible acquisition, since the inverter split model to which the installed devices correspond “allows greater efficiency and lower energy consumption, allowing the area to be kept at a constant temperature more easily”, he stated. the councilor.

The mayor thanked the Alicante Provincial Council for granting this grant. At the same time, he assured that “this action shows our commitment as a government team with the commerce of our municipality and the small merchants, whom we will help whenever it is in our power”. This is one more performance of the Redován food market, which in recent years has been renovated by the City Council with the improvement of the toilets, as well as the painting of the entire building.

The Redován City Council receives more than 57,000 euros in grants from the Alicante Provincial Council

  • The aids will be aimed at actions such as alleviating the effects of Covid-19 in businesses and SMEs, the economic promotion of the municipality or the protection of the natural environment of Redován, among others

The Redován City Council has received in the last days 57,390 euros from the Alicante Provincial Council in concept of subsidies. These grants are aimed at various areas, ranging from the protection of the natural environment of the municipality, the promotion of the economic activity of businesses and entrepreneurs in the municipality, treatments against the proliferation of insects or the improvement of urban gardens.

The largest amounts to a total of 39,127 euros and will be used to minimize the impact of Covid-19 in SMEs, mycropymes, small companies and professional self-employed in the municipality that suspended their activity during the state of alarm or decreased their average turnover in the months of April and May compared to the previous semester. The grant will be aimed at defraying current expenses derived from the health crisis such as rentals, requests for consultancy and advice, interest on loans requested or the rental of commercial vehicles of companies established in the municipality. The bases of the aid are in the drafting process and will be published soon so that they can be requested by the merchants of the municipality.

Another of these grants, which amounts to a total of 7,653 euros, will be divided into two lines of action: the one aimed at supporting the holding of fairs and events in the municipality, which will subsidize 58.33% of the cost of the Christmas fair last year in Redován with 7,000 euros, and another of 653 euros for its economic promotion. Thus, they will be destined to pay for 90% of the course on food handlers, allergen management and security against Covid-19, aimed at working and unemployed personnel, which will take place on October 6 in the assembly hall of the Ricardo Ruiz Poveda sociocultural center.

The Redovanense Consistory will also receive all of the aid of 4,924 euros for the maintenance and conservation of natural areas of the municipality such as the Sierra de Redován, along with 2,540 euros (68.85% of the subsidy) to carry out control treatments of Diptera insects in its municipal area. Likewise, the provincial body has also awarded 3,145 euros to the City Council, from which 90% of the amount of the installation of banks and wastebaskets in the municipal urban garden will be subsidized.

The mayor, Nely Ruiz, wanted to acknowledge the work of the City Council workers, “who are the ones who, thanks to their work and dedication, carry out the application and processing to be eligible for these grants”, as well as thanking the collaboration to the Provincial Council of Alicante with its contributions, “which will be applied to help and improve the life and environment of the people of Redova as much as possible”.

The Plenary approves the agreement that will allow to allocate 90,000 euros of Delegation to restore the church

Redován 5/6/2017. The start-up of the restoration of the Parochial Church dedicated to San Miguel in Redován, one of the most singular buildings of the town raised in the early eighteenth century, is closer. The Plenary of the Corporation approved last Monday the agreement to subscribe with the Provincial Government of Alicante through which the provincial body will subsidize with up to 90,000 euros the project presented, which amounts to a total amount of 109,517.32.

This means that 82.1% of the budget will be borne by the provincial coffers, while the City Council must assume the rest and the parish will cover the entire project, “which is around 150,000,” says pastor Eloy Martin. The agreement that has been received includes the costs of the project as well as the direction of the work. The money from the Provincial Council will arrive as the works carried out are justified and based on the terms established in the agreement.

The temple has been with the years for a series of improvements and various maintenance works. During the last years since the Consistory, small grants have been granted to assume the cost of urgent works, but now it is intended to carry out a thorough action that ends the problems with the cornices and humidity that threaten the building. Martín reports that the last time he took part in the church of San Miguel “was during the 80s of the last century,” and points out that the parish will also assume part of the cost of the intervention. The priest indicates that he will act on the entire facade to solve the landslides of the exterior shelves. In the interior the sockets will be changed to prevent moisture problems and the whole church will be painted.

The works will begin during the summer and will oblige to close the building “at least for six months,” calculates the priest, who adds that during that time will have to move the cult to another space. The intention is that the works culminate at the end of the month of February, so the proceedings have been launched to tender this action urgently.