Local Police in Redován sanction 10 people this weekend for not complying with health regulations in front of Covid-19

  • Officials step up surveillance and begin a campaign of controls to ensure compliance with the new measures decreed by the Generalitat and following the decree of the State of Alert by the Central Government

Redován City Council, through the Department of Public Safety, has announced the increase of police surveillance, as well as the start of a campaign of controls in different parts of the municipality, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the new rules issued by the Generalitat to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in view of the increase in positive cases in recent days. In this way, and during this weekend in which the Central Government has again decreed the State of Alarm throughout the country, the first fines in this area have already been imposed, “having already sanctioned 10 people in Redován for the breach of this regulation for health safety,” as announced by the councillor responsible for the area, Adrian Ballester.

The councillor also announced that “local police officers are going to increase their vigilance both in the municipality’s catering establishments, to check that they are strictly complying with these new regulations, and in the parks and various hot spots in the town, to avoid the concentration of young people and unhealthy practices such as the botellón”. As the councillor has expressed, these uncivic actions, apart from generating rubbish and disturbing the residents, “pose a risk to all citizens, even more so if the mask is not worn and the interpersonal safety distance is not maintained in this type of meeting”, explained Ballester.

The new measures announced by the regional government came into force on Sunday 25 October, and their main novelty is the limitation of the freedom of movement of people from 00.00 at night to 6.00 in the morning, except for justified reasons. Meetings in both public and private spaces will be limited to six people not living together, along with the closure of gardens and outdoor areas from 10pm to 8am.

Likewise, consumption in hotel and catering establishments will not be able to take place at the bar, always with a maximum of six people per table and establishing the closure of the premises from 00:00 hours. The measure also prohibits the sale of alcohol between 22:00 and 8:00 hours, except for hotel and catering establishments. “We hope that these measures and the increased vigilance of our agents will serve to make citizens understand the need to work together to minimise the risk of infection and to defeat the virus together,” concluded Ballester.

Redován City Council asks regional Department of Health to provide data on those affected by Covid-19

  • The mayor, Nely Ruiz, also calls for the sending of a diagnostic test “to guarantee that the measures adopted are adjusted to the situation and guarantee the safety of the neighbors”

The Mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, has sent a letter to the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, in which she requests that the details of those infected by Coronavirus that are in the Valencian Community be disclosed in detail and by municipalities, with the aim of “being able to adopt the most appropriate local policies to guarantee the health security of the residents of Redován”.

The first mayor has recalled that this measure was already announced by the President of the Community, Ximo Puig, on April 8. “Two weeks later, it has not yet been launched, nor has any information been received in the municipality of Redován, nor have the massive tests necessary to detect Covid-19 or instructions to get them done with the Health Center” Ruiz has declared. However, and as the mayor has stated, “in health departments such as Torrevieja they have communicated these data in each locality”, and in other autonomous communities such as the Region of Murcia, “all municipalities of the evolution of the Covid-19 in all of them ”.

This is the second letter that the mayor has sent to the Ministry of Health with this request. The response to the first letter argued to update the data on the situation of the Covid-19 in the Valencian Community daily only by Health Departments “and for statistical purposes only”, to respect at all times the anonymity and the non-identification of specific persons and of in accordance with the data protection principles.

From the City Council of Redovan, they understand that in order to “guarantee health conditions and a successful solution to the health crisis of Redován’s neighbors, strategies must be set in cooperation between all administrations”, but “without ever forgetting the role of the town councils, which are always the closest institution to the citizen ”, stated the first mayor.

Ruiz stressed the vital importance of knowing the number of people affected by the pandemic at the municipal level, since "having all the data and information possible is the only way to achieve a successful exit from the current health crisis." Likewise, the Mayor added that "only in this way can we be sure that the measures we are taking to protect our citizens are the most appropriate under the circumstances."

Redován announces a series of social and economic measures to face the effects of COVID19 in the municipality

  • City Council will allocate a first package of 50,000 euros in social aid, in addition to dedicating 9,000 euros in aid for the payment of IBI for families without resources or who have been affected by the health crisis
  • The processing of the Budgets for 2020 has also been paralyzed to reorient the budget lines and mitigate the effects of the coronavirus through a plan to promote the local economy.

The Mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, accompanied by the councilors of the municipal government team, has appeared online today to inform citizens of the measures being carried out by the Redován municipal government.

The mayor has reported on the measures being taken by the Redován City Council on the occasion of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, such as “the closure and sealing of municipal facilities or the increase in security and surveillance of the Local Police, as well as carrying out disinfection and thorough cleaning of streets and municipal facilities,” she said.

Ruiz has also announced the suspension of the approval of the municipal budgets for the year 2020, the draft of which was already finalized, “with the aim of reorienting the budget items included in it to address emergency situations caused by this crisis,” has indicated.

For this reason, a first package of 50,000 euros in social aid is going to be allocated, managed by the Social Services of the La Vega Community, of which 30,000 euros have been contributed by the Alicante Provincial Government. Likewise, 9,000 euros in aid will be allocated to defray the IBI (Real Estate Tax) to families without resources or who have been affected by the health crisis situation.

On the other hand, and with regard to the rate of terraces of cafeterias and bars, the mayor has declared that “the pertinent returns will be made to the owners of these establishments, since the taxable event that has allowed their utilization, “Ruiz explained. In the same way, the weekly market rates and those corresponding to sports activities carried out by the Redován City Council, motivated by the temporary closure of its activity, will not be charged during the period of alarm.

The 2020 budgets will also include a Plan to promote the local economy, aimed above all at the shops, bars and cafes in the municipality that have had to close down during this crisis, to help them reactivate their economic activity.

The mayor has also indicated that, once the set of grants from the different Public Administrations are known, from the City Council “we will study and specify the necessary requirements to apply for them, and thus be able to help the maximum number of people from Redován “.

The mayor has finished her speech by conveying a message of calm and thanks to the population of Redován, for their exemplary behavior in the face of the confinement measures decreed by the Government of Spain. She also wanted to thank the work of the health workers who are caring for sick people, the Local Police and State Security Forces and Bodies, the Armed Forces, the municipality’s pharmacies and the shops that are open to guarantee the supply of basic products, as well as the municipal brigade.

“Ultimately, we want to thank all the people who are helping to make this situation more bearable, and putting their lives at the service of citizens,” said Ruiz, also thanking the great capacity for awareness and collaboration of the Redovans, encouraging to continue the work of confinement until now until the end of the State of Alarm. “The most important thing is to be prepared to be able to help the neighbors who need it,” she said. “We are in a difficult time. It is important to act calmly and serenely, be well informed and do what the professionals recommend us,” she concluded.