• The mayor, Nely Ruiz, also calls for the sending of a diagnostic test “to guarantee that the measures adopted are adjusted to the situation and guarantee the safety of the neighbors”

The Mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, has sent a letter to the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, in which she requests that the details of those infected by Coronavirus that are in the Valencian Community be disclosed in detail and by municipalities, with the aim of “being able to adopt the most appropriate local policies to guarantee the health security of the residents of Redován”.

The first mayor has recalled that this measure was already announced by the President of the Community, Ximo Puig, on April 8. “Two weeks later, it has not yet been launched, nor has any information been received in the municipality of Redován, nor have the massive tests necessary to detect Covid-19 or instructions to get them done with the Health Center” Ruiz has declared. However, and as the mayor has stated, “in health departments such as Torrevieja they have communicated these data in each locality”, and in other autonomous communities such as the Region of Murcia, “all municipalities of the evolution of the Covid-19 in all of them ”.

This is the second letter that the mayor has sent to the Ministry of Health with this request. The response to the first letter argued to update the data on the situation of the Covid-19 in the Valencian Community daily only by Health Departments “and for statistical purposes only”, to respect at all times the anonymity and the non-identification of specific persons and of in accordance with the data protection principles.

From the City Council of Redovan, they understand that in order to “guarantee health conditions and a successful solution to the health crisis of Redován’s neighbors, strategies must be set in cooperation between all administrations”, but “without ever forgetting the role of the town councils, which are always the closest institution to the citizen ”, stated the first mayor.

Ruiz stressed the vital importance of knowing the number of people affected by the pandemic at the municipal level, since "having all the data and information possible is the only way to achieve a successful exit from the current health crisis." Likewise, the Mayor added that "only in this way can we be sure that the measures we are taking to protect our citizens are the most appropriate under the circumstances."