Five Erasmus + students of Redován will have a municipal scholarship that complements the European assignment

The City Council of Redován has launched, once approved in the Local Government Board, the municipal program of aid aimed at students of the municipality who enjoy rasmus + scholarships during this course. “These scholarships are launched by the Consistorio redovanense, since they were already included in the municipal budget approved at the end of last year”, recalled the mayor, Emilio Fernández. The budget heading for Erasmus students is 2,000 euros that will be divided into five grants of 400 euros each, as reflected in the bases that can be consulted since last Tuesday on the bulletin board of the Electronic Headquarters of the City Council of Redován.

“From the government team it was decided to include this type of scholarship among the various grants that we have in place for young people with the intention of complementing the allocation given to students through the institutions on which the Erasmus program depends”, said Fernandez, who considers that “the European program is a vital experience and cultural exchange, and that is why we wanted to contribute to the promotion of this program in our municipality, giving priority to those who have less economic availability and better qualifications so that they can enjoy he”.

The scholarships are aimed at students who have an Erasmus + scholarship during the academic year 2017-2018 who reside for at least two years in Redován, and are complementary to any other assistance that the interested person may receive. Those who want to opt for them must comply with all the requirements indicated in the bases and present the documentation in person at the City Council, through the Electronic Office or in the registers specified in the Law of Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations within a period of 30 calendar days counted from the publication in the electronic bulletin board (

With regard to the resolution of the grants, it will be made public within a maximum period of two months from the end of the deadline for submitting applications and will have the necessary publicity to provide the call -free competition- with the necessary transparency and for that interested people can be aware of the entire procedure. The Department of Education directed by Nely Ruiz will be responsible for proposing the award of scholarships following a series of criteria such as family income or the applicant’s academic record. Ultimately the aid will be approved by the Local Government Board of the Municipality of Redován.

Call for aid School Bonus Kindergarten (0 to 3 years)

Redován (10/16/2017). The City Council of Redován has approved this morning the call for School Aid Bono Elementary School 0 to 3 years. These grants will be of a maximum amount of 300.00 euros to 10 children enrolled in the first cycle in Children's Schools of the municipality of Redován.

The bases and the application form are available to all the neighbors of Redován, in the Social Services, Town Hall and in the electronic headquarters / transparency portal of the Town Hall in the page

The deadline for submitting applications will be today 10/16/2017 and until 03/11/2017 (inclusive). Before registering applications in the City Hall it is advised that applications can be reviewed by social service staff. And for this they can go Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 13.30 hours to the Social Services units located on the 1st floor of the Social Center of the doctor's office.