Radio-controlled car enthusiasts from all over Europe are coming together these days in Redován to celebrate the 2023 European Championship of this modality in the municipality. The tournament, organised by the RC Redován club together with the European Federation of Radio Controlled Cars (EFRA) and the Spanish Association of Radio Controlled Cars (AECAR), will take place from today until Saturday 2 September on the racing circuit for radio-controlled cars that the host club has on Camino del Cementerio, near the Barrio de San Carlos.

The councillor for Sports of the Redován Town Council, Adrián Ballesta, and the president of the club, Bryan Baldó, attended the inaugural session of this competition this morning, which, as the councillor indicated, “is an opportunity for Redován to appear as a reference point at European and world level, and a key location for all the followers of this hobby”.

Ballesta said that “we are fortunate to have the collaboration of this club and these wonderful facilities, which thanks to their quality have allowed us to host major competitions, such as the previous European Championship and the World Championship in 2022”. The councillor also highlighted the number of riders from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Belgium, who have travelled to Redován to take part in this event, which has a total of 159 participants.

In this way, the councillor indicated that “hosting this type of event, with the participation of so many people, is also a boost for the shops and catering establishments in the municipality, which also benefit from the arrival of these visitors”. For his part, the representative of the RC Redován, Bryan Baldó, pointed out that this is a competition in which “1/8 scale model cars will participate in the ‘off road’ modality for unpaved routes, as is the case of our circuit”. Baldó also highlighted the technical characteristics of the facilities, with 580 linear metres of circuit and more than 4,000 square metres of surface area, “with parking, a restaurant and basic services so that all those attending can enjoy a very exciting competition that is sure to be hotly contested”.