Redován 16/2/2022. The Redován Town Council, through the Department of Social Services, has launched the technological modernisation of the Centre for the Elderly, and is already preparing the reform of the ground floor of this building. The councillor responsible for the area, Marisol Ibáñez, explained that part of the new acquisitions have been made with subsidies obtained by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Conselleria de Inclusion and the Diputación Provincial de Alicante.

In the case of the Generalitat, a grant of 10,201.51 euros has enabled the purchase of ten laptops, a digital whiteboard and another whiteboard to replace the traditional chalk board. “With this material that we already have here we are going to carry out workshops, with the aim that the elderly people of Redován learn to use new technologies and can have autonomy, to carry out online procedures or to enjoy entertainment through digital platforms or any type of streaming broadcasts”. The Diputación has awarded another grant, in this case of 870 euros, which has been used to buy a screen and a projector for the ground floor.

98,391 euros from the Diputación to update the ground floor

Marisol Ibáñez explains that the building itself is the one which has received the greatest investment, as the Town Hall has taken action in recent months to change the floor and doors on the first floor, while the Alicante Provincial Council has granted a subsidy of 98,391 euros which will be used to refurbish the entire ground floor. “It is the area that has become the most obsolete, and what we want is for it to be in keeping with the rest of the building so that our elderly people can fully enjoy its facilities”.