• The Municipal Ordinance on Citizen Coexistence tightens sanctions for those who do not keep their land in hygienic and sanitary conditions

The Councilor for Urban Planning of the Redován City Council, José Najar, has informed of the forthcoming entry into force of the new Ordinance for Neighborhood Cleaning and Coexistence in the municipality. This regulation was approved in the ordinary plenary session of June, and it establishes fines of up to 1,500 euros for owners of private plots in the municipality who “are not in the proper cleaning and maintenance conditions,” said the mayor.

The ordinance, and as Nájar has explained, “obliges landowners in the municipality of Redován to keep their plots clean and in adequate health and hygiene conditions on a regular basis, ensuring that they are free of residues or rubble throughout the year. ” Otherwise, in addition to the stipulated fines that qualify this infraction as a serious offense and may carry penalties from 750 euros, “the City Council will carry out the cleaning through the procedure of forced and subsidiary execution, charged to the owner of the same “Added the councilor.

Likewise, the mayor has explained that the obligations of cleaning of lots also include the application of deratization and disinfection of the perimeter of the lot, and added that “it is about minimizing as much as possible that carelessness in the maintenance of these lands can generate inconvenience for citizens “, as well as” any situation that may pose a risk to hygiene and health conditions that, in the current circumstances before the Covid-19, has become essential “.

For her part, the mayor of the municipality, Nely Ruiz, has launched an appeal to the collaboration of all the owners of these lands in the municipality, to “fulfill their obligation” and that “they can be kept in the best possible conditions throughout the year, favoring and contributing together to improve coexistence in Redován ”.