Redován 12/19/2017. The City Council of Redován will end the year with the work done to start 2018 with a budget that will allow the municipality to continue to grow and improve the services provided to the public. The mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández, accompanied by the Councilor for Finance, Adrián Ballester and the councilor of social services, Nely Ruiz, presented this morning what is the most important management document for any public administration, and that in the case of Redován rises next year to a global of 6,126,155.56 euros, 9.43% more than budgeted in 2017. “Something that has been achieved without the need to raise taxes and fees paid by neighbors”, the first mayor of Redova has highlighted. In addition, for the first time a Participatory Budgeting process has been carried out whose winning proposals are included in the budget with a budget of more than 30,000 euros. It involves the start-up of computer courses for adults, the creation of scholarships for professional music studios and the renovation of tennis facilities.

Increase in investments

By chapters, current expenses in goods and services are reduced by 4.36%, financial expenses by 16.28% and financial liabilities suffer a reduction of 9.80%; while the largest increase will be in the chapter of investments that goes from the 136,600 euros budgeted in 2017 to the 644,800 euros that are expected to invest in the municipality for next year, representing an increase of 372%. Adrián Ballester has highlighted the push that will give to youth policies, doubling the endowment of training scholarships for unemployed young people created last year, “besides that we will create some municipal aid for Erasmus students and raise scholarships for university transport that will go from 6,000 to 7,000 euros “. In another area where the investment is reinforced, it is in Sports, where the rehabilitation of tennis facilities is contemplated, a football field 8 of artificial turf will be created next to the football field and the sports facilities will be equipped with defibrillators.

In Education, municipal officials have highlighted the extension of the subsidy to the Association of Mothers and Fathers (Ampa) of the school for the continuous day, and Redován will host the next year of the Vega Baja Science Contest; while in Public Safety the Local Police will be equipped with a breathalyzer with which to carry out controls in the municipality.

With regard to social policies, all municipal subsidies that benefit the people of the province of Cádiz are maintained and subsidies are extended to the municipal associations. “We are going to double the budget for municipal activities in the area of ​​social services, increasing the budget from 9,000 to 15,000 euros; the groups of women will receive 4,000 euros against the 2,000 of the previous budget and the activities against drug addiction will have budgeted from 1,000 to 2,000 euros, “said Emilio Fernandez.

The popular festivals will also have more money from the City Hall while in Culture different necessary arrangements will be made in the Casa de la Música and in the assembly hall of the Ricardo Ruiz Social Center. In Promotion and Employment the budget for training courses is doubled and support for local commerce is reinforced, which will have a fair, while also increasing the budget for Tourism, especially taking into account that it is foreseen that next year the Via Ferrata will be put into operation that will travel the Sierra. The councilor of the Treasury has also commented that transparency will hire a service to make video-minutes of the plenary sessions that can be consulted on the municipal website.

Joint work with other administrations

The most important investments to be made in Redován during 2018 will be accompanied by economic injections from the provincial and autonomous administrations. Thus, Environment will receive 200,000 euros from the Generalitat for the Municipal Area of ​​the Sierra, through a project prepared by the Provincial Council, while the mayor recalled that the budget of the Council includes new “the allocation for the new health center”. The works of the San Miguel Parish will be completed by the Provincial Council, for which next year the City Council will dedicate 10,000 euros while the remaining 45,000 will come from the coffers of the provincial institution, whose Works and Services Plan will be It will include another item for the second phase of the expansion of the Cultural Center for the Third Age. In this project the largest investment of this budget will be made, 450,000 euros. In the two floors that this extension entails, a 24-hour study room will be created as well as a permanent exhibition hall. Also of Provincial will arrive 50,000 euros for emergency works in the Menéndez Pelayo street.

Regarding the income chapter, the money that will come from the Cooperation Fund of the Generalitat in which the Provincial will also participate and that will be around 200,000 euros, nor the investments that arrive once the contract of the contract will be awarded, has not been taken into account. Water. In this sense, the government team has been conservative, since once the money is received, it will be decided what it is for. The mayor has highlighted the budget that the charges are not increased to the neighbors “although we give more and more services”, and has indicated that unlike other populations, “Redován is one of the municipalities that grows in inhabitants every year, what allows us to have more financing from the State “. With regard to public debt, the Municipality of Redován has made the accounts in such a way that the forecast is that by 2022 all current loans will be canceled. The Municipal Budget of 2018 will be raised to Plenary for approval next Friday, December 22.