Green light for the start of extension work on the Jaime de Sant Angel Secondary School in Redován

The extension of the IES Jaime de Sant Àngel de Redován will get underway in the next few days, once the act of reconsideration for the start of the works has been signed. The signing was attended by the mayoress of Redován, Nely Ruiz, the councillors José Nájar and Ramón López, technicians from the Town Hall, representatives of the construction company Orthem and the technical management of the work. The councillor for Education, Rebeca Martínez, explained that the work is expected to take twelve months to complete and once finished it will allow us to respond to the educational needs of Redován”. Among the agreements adopted in the meetings prior to the start of the works, the Calle Doctor Marañón will be closed to traffic for the duration of the works. The town planning councillor, José Nájar, has indicated that this decision has been taken “as a safety measure and with the aim of disrupting as little as possible the daily work of the school, which will of course continue as usual while the works are being carried out”. The building project, which is included in the Edificant Plan, involves the creation of four classrooms for Bachillerato and two for Secondary, space for teachers, another smaller classroom and a space for computer classes. The IES will have a new building with a ground floor and two storeys, with a floor area of 1,369 square metres. The company awarded the contract will carry out the work for 1.6 million euros plus VAT.

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The 24-hour Study Room and the Redován Municipal Exhibition Hall will be finished in two months

Redovan 27/02/2019. The works to build a 24-hour Study Room and the one that will be the Municipal Exhibition Hall of Redován, in the extension of the Third Age building, are going at a good pace and its completion is expected in about 60 days. This was explained this morning by the mayor, Emilio Fernández, who has visited the progress of the works that have an investment of 450,000 euros.

The work being carried out includes two plants with an area of ​​270 square meters. “This project began in 2011 with the extension of the Third Age building and the Municipal Archive”, explained Fernández.

The building has a total cost of one million euros, after all the work done over the past years and has been helped by two plans of Oras and Services of the Provincial Council of Alicante, providing the City Council 200,000 euros

The mayor has expressed his satisfaction that “we fulfilled a commitment with the residents of Redován who demanded a 24-hour Study Class so that our young people did not have to go to other municipalities to study in conditions”. Also, the mayor has stressed that thanks to this action “finally we will have a municipal exhibition hall to accommodate all kinds of samples.” In this sense Fernandez recalled that the municipal archive was installed in the first phase on the ground floor and said that “we are very sensitive with everything that surrounds the history of the municipality and that is why we wanted the archives to be in a place optimal for its conservation and study “.

Fernandez also thanked the Provincial Council of Alicante for their help to undertake works that “will improve the quality of life of citizens and once completed the neighbors can enjoy these facilities for many years.”

The City Council will channel rainwater from Menéndez Pelayo Street with a grant from the Provincial Council

The project will cost 49,828 euros and involves the construction of a concrete wall that deflects the water and the dragging of stones to the ravines

Redován 01/30/2019. The City Council of Redován will be able to execute, subsidized to 95% by the Provincial Delegation of Alicante, a project realized by municipal technicians in the year 2017 and directed to canalize the collection of rain water in the Mountain range of Redován, in particular in the backs of Menéndez Pelayo street. The mayor of Redova, Emilio Fernandez, explained that the total expected cost of the work is 49,828.31 euros including VAT “and the council will help us by contributing 95% of the total, ie 47,336.89 euros that will go to allow to end a problem suffered by the neighbors of the area. ” The councilor has indicated that in case of torrential rains the houses adjoining the mountains have been flooded by water runoff, “affecting patios and houses and sometimes accompanied by dragging stones with the danger involved, something that will end once that the waters are channeled towards the natural ravines of the zone “.

In this way, the work that is going to be done consists in the construction of a reinforced concrete wall that channels the water and slows down the dragging, as well as the perimeter fencing of a path that is very used by people who walk through this area and by children. . It will proceed to the cleaning and clearing of the land, the construction of the wall and the fence with galvanized mesh that prevents the passage to the houses next to the slope. The term of execution of the works, once they are awarded, will be two months.

The Provincial Council announced at the end of the year the granting of the subsidy “and we have set in motion to be able to begin its execution immediately and put an end to this problem”, said Fernandez, who has specified that the City Council of Redova will only have to provide a budget own 2,491.42 euros that complete the work budget.

Redován City Council gets help from Diputación to improve the sewerage network of Pascual Martínez street

The City Council of Redován will improve one of the main streets of the municipality, Pascual Martínez Avenue, with a performance in the sewerage network. These works will be carried out thanks to the Vertebra Plan of the Provincial Council of Alicante, an aid that will involve an investment of 1250,000 euros.

This was announced today by the accidental mayor, Adrián Ballester, who has positively valued this aid since “this is a problem that we are suffering every time it rains in the municipality and the change of the sewage network was important.” The vice-president of the Diputación, explained that “thanks to the continuous support of the Diputación we managed to make this type of investment” which in turn to remember “is taking advantage of the summer to undertake all kinds of actions and improvement works for To cause the minimum possible annoyances to the citizens “.


Photograph taken from Calle Pascual Martínez.
The works come after an existing problem due to the malfunctioning of the sanitation network. A section whose network is constituted by concrete pipe in mass. This is insufficient in periods of rain, which causes jumps in the registration covers, in addition to causing clogging in the pipes themselves. This causes serious problems and poses a danger to the residents of Redován, as well as to road traffic.

The sanitary pipe to be of concrete has a coefficient of high roughness that causes sedimentation in the interior of the tubes which causes the decrease of the section of the tubes and causes clogs that increase in times of rain. The works also intend to solve the same situation of hydraulic insufficiency that suffers the sewer collector that runs along the avenue.

The works that are contemplated are the cutting and demolition of the asphalt for the subsequent excavation and thus placing the new pipes. Once the network is ready, the entire area will be tarred.

“This work is about a first phase that will be completed with other phases to completely run the entire street Pascual Martinez,” concluded Ballester.

The City of Redován invests 13,904 euros in providing air conditioning 12 classrooms of the public school

Redován 1/8/2017. The City Council of Redován is about to complete the maintenance works that have been carried out during the summer in the Colegio Público Sacred Hearts of the locality, works requested by both the management of the center as well as the Association of Fathers and Mothers (Ampa ), As has been pointed out by the Councilor for Education, Nely Ruiz. The biggest investment this year has been the air conditioning of twelve classrooms in the Gray Pavilion with an investment of 13,904 euros. The mayor explains that the director of the center requested at the time help the Department of Education to put fans in the classrooms, but that has finally opted for air conditioning “because we think that the children will be better than with fans , Which at the end of the day only move the hot air. Thus, action has been initiated in the twelve classes of the oldest pavilion, “and we have already set to work, asking for budgets to act in the Red Pavilion, although in this case it will take us more time and money since there are To do all the installation and then install the machines, “said the councilor, who hopes that in the next two years the whole school can be air-conditioned.

But this is not the only maintenance work carried out this summer by the City Council in the school. During July all the facilities have been reviewed to verify, for example, that there is no danger of falling cornices or any other element of the terrace. They also have painted all the courts of the patio and installed a chest in the outside of the oldest pavilion to avoid the entrance of odors to the classrooms. The sand of the small park that they have been cleaned and replaced and also the pillars of the pergola have been fixed, notes Ruiz, adding that the same way has been repaired a lump of the wall and placed a ramp to the dining room .

During the first days of August only a solution to the problem of the entry of cats has to be completed, with the installation of squares in the bars so that they can not access the yard and will review the trees to check if there is any kind of fumigation . “We have almost everything to the point, so that for the beginning of the course the students of the school can start with the school in perfect state of review,” said the councilor, who added that there are larger actions , Not only to complete the air conditioning, which will be undertaken little by little.