Two hundred and fifty boys and girls enjoy sports activities this summer in Redován

Redován 4/7/2017. A total of 250 boys and girls enjoy since yesterday the three summer schools launched from the Department of Sports Redován, tennis, swimming and multi-sport. In the case of multi-sport, the City Council of the town has received a grant from the Provincial Council. Area councilor Ramón López says that the aid "has allowed the fixing of affordable prices, which has made it possible for many children to enroll, a total of 150 in multi-sport only." This means that the figure is greater than ever "and we are very happy to have had so much acceptance," explained the mayor. The provincial institution has subsidized the Consistory Redondo 36.85% of the total budget of this sports school that has a total cost of 14,964 euros. Thus, once the expenditure is justified, 5,515.15 euros may be received from the Diputación.

The activities, aimed at children from 5 to 12 years and that are made at the Polideportivo Los Pasos until the 28th are very varied. The councilman has indicated that they will practice football, basketball, handball, volleyball, baseball, badminton, fencing, hiking, and will have the opportunity to meet also traditional games and gymkana. "To make the heat of summer more bearable, there will be aquatic games," said Lopez, who added that a rockclimb has also been included "which is the most demanded every year."

This school, like all those held after the end of school, is designed to make it possible to reconcile work and family life, so flexible entry and exit times have been established. The Councilor for Sports has commented that the entry begins at 8.45 in the morning, with half an hour of margin until the start of the activities at 9.15. "With the departure time the same is done, the sports practices end at one o'clock but the mothers and fathers have until one and a half to pick up."

With regard to tennis, there are 50 children targeted at the summer staff, while another half a hundred swim at the indoor swimming pool at Redován, which reaches a total of 250 students in sports activities Of this summer.

Instructions for making the payment letter at the Municipal Sports Schools, swimming and tennis courses

To complete the payment letter at the Municipal Sports Schools, swimming and tennis courses, we have to follow the following steps. From this link SUMA We access the document, and from here:

  1. In Organism, we have to select Redován (Town Hall), and in the concept: Sports schools (if we want to register the child in the summer school) or Municipal Pool (for swimming courses).
  2. Fill out the form with the parent / guardian data (yellow shaded data is required). Then click on validating data.
  3. Next, click on the option ‘Summer Sports School’ or ‘Swimming Courses’ according to the selection we have made. You must add the number of places of the students in the yellow shading box. Click add.
  4. In the observations, you must enter the name of the student and the code captcha, and puncture it when creating autolikulation.
    5.Finally, we will create a payment card that we can pay online with your credit card, or download the payment letter and go to the bank or bank to pay.