The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua set in motion the landscape restoration of the Paraje La Ermita

Redován 1/18/2019. Just fifteen days after its implementation, the City Council of Redován and the water and sewer service concessionaire, Hidraqua, officially inaugurated this management today with a visit to the public attention office in Calle Abajo. the past day 2, and with the start-up of the landscape restoration of the Redován mountain range in the Paraje La Ermita with a first day of reforestation that will continue in the coming months with an integral intervention of the area.

During the visit to the offices, the manager of Hidraqua, Juan José Alonso, explained some of the most relevant aspects of the client area, “like the agreement that is being negotiated with the Federation of Deaf People of the Valencian Community (FESORD) to facilitate face-to-face attention for people with hearing disabilities “. Alonso and the mayor, Emilio Fernández, have highlighted that the concessionaire will maintain “the social rates that have been applied until now in the municipality, in addition to that there will be a meeting with our Social Services to define the attention to the vulnerable groups”, has specified the first mayor.

Fraud control campaigns and processes to make periodic meter readings more efficient are also a priority in these first months, as well as the availability of a 24-hour checkpoint or network inspection campaigns in Redován. . Through this last one, a total of 40 faults have been detected and repaired since the service was started.

As for the work carried out, the cleaning of the sewage and rainwater network has been started in double shift, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to finish as soon as possible with the inconveniences to the neighbors and the control plan for the discharges with definition of sampling stations and analytical controls in some industries. With respect to the works to be executed soon, the Camino del Motor and the Rincón pumping station will be built in the town center, “while beneficial projects for our town are also being written, such as those related to the landscape performance in the Hermitage, the installation of remote reading in the meters and the sectorization and remote control of the network “, said the mayor.

After the visit to the offices, the first day of reforestation was carried out in the Paraje La Ermita, a prelude to the comprehensive action that will be carried out in the area in the coming months. For this campaign, plant species have been selected that will improve the environmental and landscape quality of the surroundings, such as cypress, black hawthorn, mastic, carob, ephedra, rosemary, palmito or bayón.