Local Police in Redován sanction 10 people this weekend for not complying with health regulations in front of Covid-19

  • Officials step up surveillance and begin a campaign of controls to ensure compliance with the new measures decreed by the Generalitat and following the decree of the State of Alert by the Central Government

Redován City Council, through the Department of Public Safety, has announced the increase of police surveillance, as well as the start of a campaign of controls in different parts of the municipality, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the new rules issued by the Generalitat to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in view of the increase in positive cases in recent days. In this way, and during this weekend in which the Central Government has again decreed the State of Alarm throughout the country, the first fines in this area have already been imposed, “having already sanctioned 10 people in Redován for the breach of this regulation for health safety,” as announced by the councillor responsible for the area, Adrian Ballester.

The councillor also announced that “local police officers are going to increase their vigilance both in the municipality’s catering establishments, to check that they are strictly complying with these new regulations, and in the parks and various hot spots in the town, to avoid the concentration of young people and unhealthy practices such as the botellón”. As the councillor has expressed, these uncivic actions, apart from generating rubbish and disturbing the residents, “pose a risk to all citizens, even more so if the mask is not worn and the interpersonal safety distance is not maintained in this type of meeting”, explained Ballester.

The new measures announced by the regional government came into force on Sunday 25 October, and their main novelty is the limitation of the freedom of movement of people from 00.00 at night to 6.00 in the morning, except for justified reasons. Meetings in both public and private spaces will be limited to six people not living together, along with the closure of gardens and outdoor areas from 10pm to 8am.

Likewise, consumption in hotel and catering establishments will not be able to take place at the bar, always with a maximum of six people per table and establishing the closure of the premises from 00:00 hours. The measure also prohibits the sale of alcohol between 22:00 and 8:00 hours, except for hotel and catering establishments. “We hope that these measures and the increased vigilance of our agents will serve to make citizens understand the need to work together to minimise the risk of infection and to defeat the virus together,” concluded Ballester.

The Local Police of Redován detains a minor after a persecution by CV-91 to Orihuela

  • The detainee was carrying out dangerous maneuvers with a vehicle in the Plaza de la Paz and fled to the neighboring town after the officers stopped
  • Agents of the National Police and Oriolana Local Police also participated in the persecution, who collaborated in the arrest

The Local Police of Redován has reported the arrest, last Saturday, of a minor in Orihuela, accused of a crime against road safety. The now arrested man, who was carrying out dangerous maneuvers in the Plaza de la Paz in Redován with a vehicle without the regulatory lights, fled with a companion in the passenger seat when, before the telephone warning of a neighbor, the agents appeared to control the situation.

From that moment on, a police chase began through several streets of Redován, in which the driver recklessly skipped several crossroads and stop signs and carried out various maneuvers to threaten a collision with the police vehicle. The minor continued his flight out of the municipality, at first on CV-919 and later on CV-91 in the direction of Orihuela, circulating on several occasions in the left lane and forcing drivers who came in the opposite direction to avoid him to avoid any kind of accident.

At the entrance to the town, in the Los Huertos area, the vehicle stopped abruptly, giving the impression of having broken down. After informing both the National Police Corps and the Orihuela Local Police, a patrol car of the latter tried to cut him off. It is at this time that the driver’s companion, who has not been able to be identified, got out of the vehicle and fled. After the violent struggle with an agent of the Local Police of Redován, who entered through the passenger door to proceed to arrest the minor, he got out of the vehicle to continue his flight, starting a new chase on foot which was joined by two Oriolana police officers.

The minor was attacked by the three agents inside the ‘Los Huertos’ compound, where he was reduced and arrested. Faced with the strong resistance of the detainee, both himself and one of the agents, belonging to the Redován Police Force, found themselves in need of receiving medical attention at the Álvarez de la Riva health center in Orihuela due to minor injuries. Likewise, the vehicle, owned by the father of the detainee, was transferred to the municipal depot in Callosa de Segura.

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Adrián Ballester, thanked the agents for their actions, “whose work and dedication is patent and is essential to keep the streets of Redován safe every day.” This is the third arrest made by municipal agents in the last two weeks, which “shows the professionalism of our police force, which shows evident results in the face of the reinforcement of the surveillance that has been carried out in the town during the last weeks ”.