Redován opens the municipal swimming pool this summer with rigorous sanitary measures to prevent Covid-19

  • It will be operational in July and August with split hours, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., with cleaning time at noon
  • Capacity limited to 75%, disinfection of hands and shoes and the safety distance of 1.5 meters are some of the stipulated measures

The Redován City Council will open the doors of its municipal swimming pool next Wednesday, July 1, once all measures have been taken to do so safely for municipal staff and users. “At first, and always thinking about the safety and health of the people of Redován, not opening was considered this summer,” reported Nely Ruiz, mayor of the municipality. But the councilor added that “after confirming the improvement of the sanitary situation with the end of the state of alarm, we have worked and studied how to proceed with its reopening so that our neighbors have the option of being able to cool off safely this summer and caution ”. The facilities will be available for bathing during the months of July and August.

For his part, the Councilor for Sports, Ramón López, explained that “we have developed a series of measures based on the regulations set by the Valencian Government and which will be signposted and visible throughout the premises in order to enjoy this environment safely ” Thus, with a capacity less than 75%, users must access with a mask in groups of less than twenty people, and they must maintain the safety distance of 1.5 meters at all times. It will also be necessary “cleaning and disinfection of hands and footwear before entering and the mandatory use of a towel when using the sun loungers,” explained the mayor. Likewise, the toilets and showers on the premises will be constantly reviewed, with two municipal custodians and a lifeguard in charge of ensuring compliance with these measures.

The municipal swimming pool maintains the prices of other years: 2 euros for general admission (from 13 to 65 years old), and 1.50 euros for 4 to 12 years old and for retirees and disabled, with free entry for children from 0 to 4 years old. The opening hours will be from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., “with this break at noon to be able to thoroughly clean and disinfect the space,” said López. Those who want to use the pool also in the afternoon can do so, presenting the entry purchased in the morning.

The mayor has appealed to the prudence of the people of Redovan in the use of this service that “we hope will serve to cheer up and make this summer something more bearable within this new normality”, and that, in case of presenting symptoms, “do not use this service, avoiding putting neighbors at risk unnecessarily. ”

The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua initiate improvement actions in the drinking water service

  • The works will be focused on renovating the pipe network, as well as the installation of valves and household connections.
  • The total cost of these improvement actions, included in the service concession contract, amounts to 372,400 euros

The Redován City Council and the municipality’s potable water service concessionaire, Hidraqua, have started to work this week to improve the town’s water supply network. These works, that began this Monday, were contemplated in the service concession contract, consisting of three actions to execute new channelings and replacement of pipes, sectioning valves and connections in the Camino del Motor, Jesús Jordá and Seis de Diciembre streets, as well as the upper part of the town near the mountains.

The mayor of the municipality, Nely Ruiz, has expressed her satisfaction at the start of these works, which will allow “offering a better provision of an essential service and much needed on a day-to-day basis for all the residents of Redován”. She added that “in this way, we fulfill the commitment that we proposed as a government with the assignment of the service to the concessionaire company”.

In this way, the installation of approximately 1.750 meters of new conduction and the renovation of some 390 household connections will be carried out, as well as in places where there were no registration elements, such as those found in poor state of conservation due to age and presenting obsolete materials and insufficient diameter.

These works will serve to improve water pressure and ensure its quality, as well as minimizing the number of users who will be affected in the event of any breakdown due to breakdown or maintenance. The total cost of the actions amounts to 372.400 euros, with an execution period of approximately four months.

For his part, the mayor of Municipal Services, Ramón Escarabajal, has stated that “these works are very important, since they come to solve a historical problem in the municipality, such as water cuts.” Escarabajal has assured that “our objective is to improve the quality of life of the residents of Redován, and that is why we are going to carry out these much-needed actions.”

Redován approves in the Governing Board the contracting file for the reform of the medical office

  • The actions planned in the health center include repairs to the façade, repainting of interior walls and the installation of a new air conditioning system

The Redován City Council, which is headed by Mayor Nely Ruiz, today approved in the Local Government Board the contracting file that involves the bidding process for the reform of the municipal auxiliary medical office, located on the ground and first floors of the sociocultural center municipal Ricardo Ruiz Poveda. “It is a first step to carry out these much-needed repairs, which will allow better healthcare for all of Redován’s neighbors,” said the mayor.

This contracting file will have a maximum budget of 100,000 euros, corresponding to the grant awarded by the Generalitat Valenciana, framed within the PIAC plan for Architectural Intervention in Clinics. “The project includes the repair of the exterior facade, very deteriorated, with the elimination of the two exterior pillars, as well as the elimination and replacement of the gresite plinth of the walls,” explained José Najar, Councilor for Urban Planning.

In the same way, the interior walls will be repainted and a stoneware plinth will be installed in passage areas and waiting rooms. The reform also includes the installation of a new air conditioning system, “which will make access to the facilities more bearable during the hot months,” added Najar.

It is foreseen that the works to refurbish the clinic will be carried out in a maximum period of six months, a period during which “health care for citizens will not be interrupted,” explained the Councilor for Health, Marisol. Martínez, who added that “it is essential for this municipal government team, and above all in the current context of the health crisis in which we find ourselves, to maintain this essential and necessary service”.

The mayor of Redován has finally stressed the importance of having a quality health service in the municipality and facilities in optimal conditions, “either carrying out this much-needed reform of the office, but also not neglecting something so important as is the pending project of the health center for Redován ”, she added.

Redován will bring to plenary session the suspension of the rate of terraces of bars and restaurants

  • The City Council has created a group with all the establishments to transmit the information regarding the reopening from Monday

The Redován City Council will propose in the next municipal plenary session in May the suspension of the rate of terraces for the bars and restaurants of the municipality, as reported by the mayor, Nely Ruiz, along with the councilor for Commerce, Maite Martínez, and the councilor for Legal Services, José Nájar. “In this way, we adopted a new measure to favor entrepreneurs in this sector and facilitate their return to activity and mitigate the economic effects produced by the ‘Covid-19’ health crisis, which has forced them to close for almost two months, “said the mayor. In addition, as expressed by the Councilor for Legal Services, “will not be charged or will be returned in cases where payment has occurred.”

For his part, Maite Martínez has assured that “we are in permanent contact with bars and restaurants to transmit the information on the conditions of their opening for next Monday the 11th at the time they are issued by the central government”, for ensure the correct implementation of sanitation and hygiene measures in bars and restaurants when entering phase 1 of de-escalation. The Councilor for Commerce added that the main objective is to guarantee that “they can return to their activity as soon as possible, ensure the economic viability of the owners and ensure the health of the users.”

On the other hand, the mayor, Nely Ruiz, has highlighted the importance of relaunching the commercial and catering sector, but specifying that it is something that must be done “always following health and safety recommendations to avoid unnecessary risks.” Ruiz also wanted to thank the work that has been done from all the departments of the Government Team since the start of the ‘Coronavirus’ health crisis, “and also now more than ever, at the moment when it seems that we can begin to retake some normality, and it’s time to help Redován’s neighbors in any way we can ”.

Redován City Council will bring before the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office the alleged illegal diversion from the Rambla de Abanilla to Redován

  • The technicians detect the manufacture of a wall at the fork of the channel that pours the water to the Cabezo area towards Orihuela and Redován
  • The mayor fears more serious floods after torrential rains, as the water is already flowing through the channel that leads to Redován
  • The government team suspects that the works, which have not been agreed upon, could be promoted by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation

The Redován City Council plans to report to the Public Prosecutor for the Environment the alleged detour that is taking place from the Rambla de Abanilla to Redován. This has been decided by the municipal government after the last meeting of the Vega Renhace Plan, where the construction of a wall at the fork of the channel towards Orihuela and Redován at Benferri height was verified, which, in the event of torrential rains, would pour the entire flow of the boulevard towards the area known as El Cabezo in Redován, which arouses great concern because the consequences experienced during the DANA in September could be greatly aggravated, although with that wall they fear damage almost from any precipitation registered.

This situation is of great concern in the City Council, since even now when it has not rained in a torrential way, the water runs through the channel known as Rambla de Redován from the fork in Benferri, as recorded in the images that accompany this note. The mayor, Nely Ruiz, has indicated that “as was recommended to our technicians during the meeting, we are going to ask in writing to the Renhace Plan of the Generalitat Valenciana a series of actions that are necessary and that I want to make clear that in some cases are not about new claims, but have already been made before, to try to improve the channeling of rainwater to Redován to avoid flooding. ”

The councilor has assured that “with a DANA like that of last September still very much alive in the memory of all Redovans, we cannot allow our municipal term to be put at even more risk with actions such as that wall that we have verified with our Our own eyes how it is being built and that it would bring us even more water, and I repeat, we have had to verify it with our own eyes because nobody has communicated anything about it to the City Council ”. In this sense, he added that the Vega Renhace Plan “should treat all municipalities and territories equally, whether they are larger or smaller, and should be an opportunity to improve the rainwater infrastructures of our entire region and not to worsen them, which is as we consider Redován to be right now ”.

Thus, in the letter that has been prepared for the Vega Renhace Plan, an action will be requested to improve the canalization of the Rambla de Abanilla as a result of that wall that rises at the fork “we understand that promoted by the Confederation Hidrográfica del Segura, with the intention of channeling all the waters to Redován, to which it is necessary to provide an immediate solution ”.

Likewise, the need to acquire, by the Ministry of the Environment through the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura, the private-owned plot into which the water is dumped from the rambla is also stressed. In this sense, the Councilor for Urban Planning, José Nájar, indicates that “this rustic soil that was once a mining operation has a hole capable of collecting around 200,000 cubic meters of water.” That is why it is there where the riverbed of the rambla is poured “for the benefit of all the residents of Redován and Orihuela, without any compensation for the owner, who for his part can not make use of land owned by him,” hence the need to acquire that land.

Thirdly, the execution of a second collector in the municipal area and a raft for the collection of 30,000 cubic meters of water are urged, an action included in a technical study carried out by the Redován City Council for the channeling of rainwater that requires the financing of a higher administration for its execution.

The spokesman for the municipal government and also Councilor for Citizen Security of Redován, Adrián Ballester, has assured that “our legal services are studying all possibilities and we will take whoever we have to take to court with the sole objective of keeping our neighbors safe in situations torrential rains that we know will be repeated in our territory even, as experts say, with increasing frequency ”. Ballester has assured that the law prevents any diversion from a channel, “and for this reason we consider that the Environment Prosecutor’s Office must investigate what is happening with this boulevard.”