Redován joins the ‘Recycling Challenge’ with the aim of increasing by 20% the recycling of plastic and cardboard

The ‘Challenge of Recycling’ launched by Ecoembes and that takes place in all the municipalities of the Vega Baja reached Redován yesterday. The campaign was installed in the Plaza Miguel Hernández and moved to the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel, where, as explained by the mayor, Emilio Fernández, “he has become aware of the need to preserve our environment, because it is a commitment to everybody”.

The ‘Challenge of Recycling’ is a competitive challenge that aims to increase the rates of recovery and recycling of the containers that are deposited in the yellow containers (cans, bricks and plastic containers) and blue (cardboard and paper). What is proposed is that the withdrawal of this type of waste will increase in the coming weeks by 20% in the municipalities that have accepted the challenge, as is the case of Redován, so that whoever achieves or exceeds this figure will have the opportunity to allocate 6,000 euros to a non-profit entity.



Emilio Fernández, accompanied by the Councilor for the Environment, Ramón López, and the councilors of Culture and Employment, Clara Ezcurra and Maite Martínez respectively, has received the van, from which promotional material and a bag of linen have been distributed for the bread “that I encourage our neighbors to use, because it avoids plastic and also keeps our bread in better conditions”. The mayor has made a reflection on the tons of paper and plastic garbage that are generated in our homes, and has pointed out that these materials “are used uselessly”, giving as an example the fact that “we do not take plastic bags in the supermarket and yet we print a kilometer ticket on paper, something that we throw away when the new technologies could perfectly send us the ticket to our mobile phone. ”

Of course, the councilor has encouraged the people of Cordoba to participate in the ‘Challenge of Recycling’ because “we have to go from thinking about using things and throwing them away to think about reducing waste and recycling”. In this way, he added that “with the efforts of all we could improve the environment and prevent garbage from being a problem”, while he reminded that next June 5 is World Environment Day “and that precisely the The UN is dedicating its campaign this year to the reduction of plastic waste, especially in the sea. ”

Redován will choose to win the Recycling Challenge, which aims to increase selective collection by 20%

The campaign launched by Ecoembes, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Vega Baja Sustainable Consortium brings to Redován several activities on the 31st

Redován 5/23/2018. The ‘Challenge of Recycling’ will reach Redován on May 31, a campaign launched by Ecoembes, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Vega Baja Sustainable Consortium, which poses a competitive challenge to the residents of the municipalities belonging to the Consortium, a post Whoever increases the recycling of containers that are deposited in the yellow and blue containers will receive a prize.

The councilman of Municipal Services, Francisco Martinez, explained that what is sought “is to increase the figures of recycling by 20%, and the municipality that recycle more will get a cash prize of 6,000 euros to be allocated to one of the four entities of a social nature that have given us the choice and which are Caritas, Food Bank, Association against Cancer and Alzheimer’s Help Foundation “.

Martínez Mazón has indicated that on May 31, a team from the ‘Recycling Challenge’ will visit Redován “and will be deployed to different points of our town”. The animations will be in the Plaza Miguel Hernández, Plaza de la Paz, Medical Center, Center for the Third Age, Ramón y Cajal Street and Juan Carlos I Street, while an informative talk will also take place at the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel.

The mayor has encouraged the people of Cordoba to participate in this challenge “because with this action we all win, the entity of a social nature that is awarded, but we must bear in mind that the more we recycle, the environment wins and therefore, we and all the generations that come from behind, to which we must try to leave a better world. ” For this reason, he added, “it is important that on the 31st we go to know this campaign and the benefits it has but that from now we can contribute to increase those recycling figures”. The ‘Challenge of Recycling’ will be ongoing until August 31, and will be from there when it is determined which municipalities have exceeded and therefore opt for the prize.