Redován again reduces the average period of payment to suppliers, leaving it in an average of only eight days

Redován 10/27/2017 The average period of payment to suppliers is reduced again in the City Council of Redován during the third quarter of the year. Based on data recently validated by the Ministry of Finance, the Consistory has paid in the last three months a total amount of 574,061 euros which has paid to companies working for the local administration in an average term of 8.41 days.

Councilor for Finance, Adrián Ballester, recalls that the period of payment of invoices has been gradually reduced during the current corporate mandate, going from an average of 44 days in 2015 to 11 days last February and until achieving arrive at 8.41 days of the quarter that has just ended. Ballester said that “not only has it been possible to comply with the law, but we have managed to reduce the deadlines to the maximum, becoming one of the municipalities that is less effective in making payments throughout the province.” Thus, he assures that this is the “obligation of any government to the companies with which it works, to which we have to generate confidence by paying for the work done in the shortest period of time possible.”

As a matter of fact, in 2011 it took 483 days to comply with this obligation to pay for the work done for the municipality, “it was something that we could not tolerate, so we set ourselves the target and now we can say with satisfaction that we have fulfilled it a lot “, concluded the head of the local redovanense treasury.

Participatory budget

On the other hand, the Councilor for Citizen Participation, recalled that Monday is the last day to vote on proposals that have been finalists in the Participatory Budget launched since the Consistory last August. At the moment, the proposals that have obtained the most votes are those related to launching a series of scholarships for musical studies and the eradication of the allochthonous flora of the Sierra de Redován. Adrián Ballester remembers that the voting can be through the page or personally in the City council, and that the commitment of the local government is to include the most votes in the budgets of 2018.

The City Council reduces to 11 days the average payment period to suppliers in the first quarter of 2017

Redován 05/03/2017. The City Council of Redován pays the bills to its suppliers in an average of eleven days since they are presented in the Consistory. This data makes the local administration Redovanense one of the least delayed payment of its obligations in the entire province. This has been achieved thanks to the work of the Department of Finance, whose head, Adrián Ballester, reports that in 2011 it took an average of 483 days to comply with the obligation to pay for the work done for the municipality, that is, Companies charged more than one year after providing the service.

“When we arrived at the municipal government, the law for the average period of payment to suppliers was not complied with, we marked it as an objective and little by little we managed not only to be within the time limits established by the regulations but to reduce them to Maximum “, explains Ballester. In 2015, it was achieved that suppliers will charge 44 days, a figure that has declined clearly in 2016, with 34 days on average until reaching the first quarter of 2017 at the eleven days with which it is paid in The news to companies that work for the Consistory. Ballester assures that this is “an obligation of any government because in many cases it is about small local companies that must count as soon as possible with money that their managers have advanced in order to carry out the work.