The sport of Redován opens the doors to functional diversity with the celebration of its popular race

This is the first time that this initiative has been carried out in Vega Baja, in which people with mental disabilities from the Videsalud Residence participated.

The municipality of Redován yesterday welcomed its Popular Race and did it by opening the doors to people with functional diversity. The Department of Sports added a test of 200 meters for people with mental disabilities, which makes the people of Redovana in the first of the Vega Baja incoporar this group in the local sport.

The mayor of the area, Ramón López, explained that “we are very pleased with this initiative, which has allowed 6 residents of the Residencia Videsalud who have mental disabilities have been able to participate in this race.” Lopez said that “there have been around 500 people who have participated and what we want is that this sports event grows over the years, and is also inclusive.”

The race also included, and for the first time, children’s categories. “We have exceeded our expectations as 200 minors have participated and we hope that next year we can overcome this figure,” said the mayor of sports. Regarding the higher categories, the winner of the 10 kilometer test was the local athlete, Álex García Carrillo, with 32 minutes and 25 seconds, and the winner of 5 kilometers was Francisco Javier Sánchez, with a time of 16 minutes and 55 seconds.

Lopez assured that “we are satisfied with the development of this race and we want it to become a benchmark, so every year we try to make the test integrate more people.”