Redován bets for recognizing local authors and reissues two poems by the deceased poet Miguel Ruiz

Redován 2/3/2017. The Municipality of Redován has proposed to publicize and promote the work of local authors among their neighbors, and to begin, will reedit two poems by the late poet Miguel Ruiz Martínez (Redován, 1956-2009). This is ‘Boria de la inheritance’ and ‘The rock that protects me’, works that today have been delivered by the mayor, Emilio Fernandez, and the Councilor for Culture, Clara Ezcurra, to the family of the writer as a tribute to an act celebrated in the Redovanense Consistory.

Emilio Fernández, recalled that Miguel Ruiz “was always very attached to the culture of Redován.” The poet studied teaching but never exercised it, “but decided to devote himself to agriculture, to the land, to the dew, to the mountains, to the elements that accompanied him every day, and that are the protagonists of everything he wrote.” The mayor explained that the City Council has been behind this project for seven years, looking for the necessary funding for the edition in different institutions, “but being such a local author, it was very difficult to find who would suffice it”. That is why, finally, an economic contribution of the City Council itself has been made available to cover the costs of the edition.

In this way, a thousand copies of the poems will be published in the street, which will be distributed free of charge to the public in different parts of Redován, “because what is involved is to vindicate our writers and to know their work and vital and literary career. among its neighbors, “said Fernández. Miguel Ruiz Martínez came to have provincial repercussion and relationship with other contemporary authors, and his work is clearly influenced by the universal poet Orionno Miguel Hernánez, who dedicated, especially the first part of his literary life, to writing landscapes of orchard that surrounded him.

After his death the City Council decided to make it known and now a project that the mayor expects to continue with other artists from Redova is coming true, “because we have to reclaim what is ours, and at the local level these poems have a great value”, concluded the mayor of Redován.