The City of Redován invests 13,904 euros in providing air conditioning 12 classrooms of the public school

Redován 1/8/2017. The City Council of Redován is about to complete the maintenance works that have been carried out during the summer in the Colegio Público Sacred Hearts of the locality, works requested by both the management of the center as well as the Association of Fathers and Mothers (Ampa ), As has been pointed out by the Councilor for Education, Nely Ruiz. The biggest investment this year has been the air conditioning of twelve classrooms in the Gray Pavilion with an investment of 13,904 euros. The mayor explains that the director of the center requested at the time help the Department of Education to put fans in the classrooms, but that has finally opted for air conditioning “because we think that the children will be better than with fans , Which at the end of the day only move the hot air. Thus, action has been initiated in the twelve classes of the oldest pavilion, “and we have already set to work, asking for budgets to act in the Red Pavilion, although in this case it will take us more time and money since there are To do all the installation and then install the machines, “said the councilor, who hopes that in the next two years the whole school can be air-conditioned.

But this is not the only maintenance work carried out this summer by the City Council in the school. During July all the facilities have been reviewed to verify, for example, that there is no danger of falling cornices or any other element of the terrace. They also have painted all the courts of the patio and installed a chest in the outside of the oldest pavilion to avoid the entrance of odors to the classrooms. The sand of the small park that they have been cleaned and replaced and also the pillars of the pergola have been fixed, notes Ruiz, adding that the same way has been repaired a lump of the wall and placed a ramp to the dining room .

During the first days of August only a solution to the problem of the entry of cats has to be completed, with the installation of squares in the bars so that they can not access the yard and will review the trees to check if there is any kind of fumigation . “We have almost everything to the point, so that for the beginning of the course the students of the school can start with the school in perfect state of review,” said the councilor, who added that there are larger actions , Not only to complete the air conditioning, which will be undertaken little by little.