The Provincial Council of Alicante subsidizes with 10,993 euros different programs of social services equality and integration

The Provincial Council of Alicante, through various calls has granted a total of 10,993.13 euros to the City Council of Redován for the support of social services programs and services, for equality actions and prevention of gender violence, for the realization of Spanish courses for foreign citizens that favor their integration and actions to prevent addictive behavior in young people. These grants come from various departments and calls and are distributed as follows:

Social Welfare Area: Social promotion activities and equipment.

Social promotion activities: 3,515.00 euros for the Greater Active Programs, Educating in Values ​​and Let’s Talk.
Equipment: 2,471.00 euros for renovation chairs Assembly Hall Social Center for the Third Age.
Family, Equality and Immigration Area:

Equality and prevention of gender violence: 1,432.36 euros for the DONA SALUD program.
Foreign citizens: 2,254.77 euros for Spanish courses for foreigners.
Drug dependency: € 1,320.00 euros for the #contalent program for the promotion of health and prevention of alcohol consumption among young people.