The City Council of Redován approves the reform projects of the IES and the school in the amount of 3.7 million

Redován 24/7/2018. The plenary session of the City Council of Redován gave yesterday the approval, unanimously of all the municipal groups, to the technical memories that have been prepared from the Consistory to execute the extension of the IES Jaime de Sant-Ángel and the adequacy of the CEIP Sacred Hearts. Both works will be included in the Edificant Plan of the Ministry of Education, once the regional administration accepts the projects presented by the Consistory, and the forecast is that they can begin to run early next year and end in the first half of 2021. The amount of both actions amounts to 3.7 million euros, so “once the reports are accepted by the Ministry will begin in the first place to bid for the works and then to run,” explained the Councilor for Education Nely Ruiz. The mayor has indicated that the term runs from 2019 to 2021 “because we want to complete the projects of needs that we have raised for both schools.”

The Plan Edificant supposes that the Ministry of Education contributes the necessary funds and that, to expedite the procedures, the city councils are in charge of the execution. “What can not happen is that the money is lost, so we have planned a multi-year investment so that there is time to do everything you want to do within this plan of the Generalitat,” said Ruiz. The mayor recalled that Redován has been asking for the expansion of the IES for a decade and that the Sacred Hearts school also needs an important adaptation of its facilities, especially in relation to accessibility “and we do not want the issue of deadlines they can be halfway “.

Expansion of the IES
As for the Secondary Education Center, the work involves the creation of a classroom that ends the current space problems, which require students and teachers to occupy practically all the spaces of the IES Jaime de Sant-Ángel building. The report is based on an execution project that was drafted by the Ministry of Education in 2009 but which was never implemented. After adapting to current regulations, it will mean the creation of four high school classrooms with the necessary space for teachers and two for Secondary Education, in addition to another smaller classroom and one computer room. The extension is prepared to accommodate 140 high school students and 60 ESO students in a ground floor and two-storey building that will have a constructed area of ​​1,369 square meters. The planned budget is 2,072,263.85 euros.

School reform
With respect to the Sacred Hearts School, it is expected to update the so-called gray pavilion, raised in the 60s of the last century, and then the red one, from the 90s, charged to the Edificant Plan. Thus, in the oldest area action will be taken to improve accessibility, sanitation and evacuation, in an intervention that will cover the 1,110 square meters of built surface, with an auxiliary construction for the staircase and the elevator. In addition to the replacement of shutters and carpentry, the main action will be the demolition of the existing staircase and four bathrooms that will be completely reformed, given that by expanding the staircase area will be built six units of 22 square meters that will serve the twelve classrooms of the building.

Also to improve the accessibility and safety of teachers and students the building will be equipped with an elevator, and will be outside the building where a metal structure with double staircase and aisles distributors.

In the second of the buildings it is planned to undertake the replacement of the blinds, rehabilitation of the outer access pergola to eliminate leaks and repair different areas of the facade among other things. Also in the yard is the installation of accessible children’s games and will end with one of the demands of fathers and mothers when summer arrives, providing air conditioning this area of ​​the school center that still did not have it, which in turn will entail works of reinforcement of the electrical installation.

In the case of the Sacred Hearts CEIP the total budget amounts to 1,770,850.30 euros and the same as the IES is expected to run in the next three years, with the intention that it can be all finished in the first half of 2021. Meanwhile prefabricated classrooms will be installed to guarantee the operation of the center and the safety of those who work and study in it.