The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua initiate improvement actions in the drinking water service

  • The works will be focused on renovating the pipe network, as well as the installation of valves and household connections.
  • The total cost of these improvement actions, included in the service concession contract, amounts to 372,400 euros

The Redován City Council and the municipality’s potable water service concessionaire, Hidraqua, have started to work this week to improve the town’s water supply network. These works, that began this Monday, were contemplated in the service concession contract, consisting of three actions to execute new channelings and replacement of pipes, sectioning valves and connections in the Camino del Motor, Jesús Jordá and Seis de Diciembre streets, as well as the upper part of the town near the mountains.

The mayor of the municipality, Nely Ruiz, has expressed her satisfaction at the start of these works, which will allow “offering a better provision of an essential service and much needed on a day-to-day basis for all the residents of Redován”. She added that “in this way, we fulfill the commitment that we proposed as a government with the assignment of the service to the concessionaire company”.

In this way, the installation of approximately 1.750 meters of new conduction and the renovation of some 390 household connections will be carried out, as well as in places where there were no registration elements, such as those found in poor state of conservation due to age and presenting obsolete materials and insufficient diameter.

These works will serve to improve water pressure and ensure its quality, as well as minimizing the number of users who will be affected in the event of any breakdown due to breakdown or maintenance. The total cost of the actions amounts to 372.400 euros, with an execution period of approximately four months.

For his part, the mayor of Municipal Services, Ramón Escarabajal, has stated that “these works are very important, since they come to solve a historical problem in the municipality, such as water cuts.” Escarabajal has assured that “our objective is to improve the quality of life of the residents of Redován, and that is why we are going to carry out these much-needed actions.”

The City Council of Redován and Hidraqua present the landscape and environmental restoration of La Ermita

  • The works include the installation of the localized irrigation, the extension of trails, as well as the improvement of the furniture in the leisure area

  • The mayor says it is a necessary action “because this place every time more people come to play sports or enjoy a day in the mountains”

The Municipal Natural Area La Sierra de Redován, and specifically the area of ​​La Ermita, is going to undergo a landscape and environmental restoration that will allow the reforestation of the space and the installation of localized irrigation that guarantees the survival of the trees and shrubs that plant. At the same time they will improve the conditions of leisure, sports and leisure area, since La Ermita is already, “a place well traveled by athletes, hikers and people who enjoy a day of leisure in our mountains” , said the mayor of Redován, Emilio Fernández. The first mayor added that with the action to be carried out by the concessionaire of the potable water and sewerage service, Hidraqua, “the conditions for the users and for the Sierra itself will be improved, given that the vegetation” is very important to control the erosion, and in the case of Redován it is necessary after the loss of thousands of pines because of the plague of tomicus destruens. “

Fernandez made these statements during the presentation that took place at the City Council of Redován this morning, of the landscape intervention project of La Ermita, carried out by the author of the project, Clara Corpas. This has been the one in charge of degranar the performances that will carry out, “in which the water will play a very important paper since in the actuality carries out the irrigation of manual form and what sets out to install the located irrigation that ensures the success of the plantations. “

El alcalde de Redován, Emilio Fernández (i) y la autora del proyecto, Clara Corpas (d)

As for the restoration of the vegetation cover, we will bet on the recovery of the autochthonous vegetal formations, enhancing the species of the environment, although before carrying out the plantations, the garbage area will be cleaned and a selective land clearing will be carried out, eliminating the shrub invasive species or that are in poor condition and retaining the copies deemed appropriate, “said the technician.

With regard to the improvement of the space for its use by the public, Clara Corpas explained that the paths will be widened, connecting with the existing ones, and some viewpoints will be created in them “to be able to contemplate the landscape and rest during the walk, all of them with furniture to sit and shade trees area “. To complete the action, the placement of furniture with picnic tables, bicycles, railings, etc., always using natural materials that are integrated into the environment. The person in charge of the project has concluded that for Hidraqua it is very important to save water in areas such as the Vega Baja and respect and protection of the environment, and has specified that the action will have a deadline of three months once it is start up.