The students of the IES and the School of Redován reforest the area of ​​the Hermitage with plants of native species

Redován 5/2/2019. The students of the Sacred Hearts School and of the IES Jaime de Sant-Angel de Redován contribute these days to the reforestation of the skirt of the mountain range, in the zone of the Hermitage, with a plantation of autochthonous species that will last until Thursday.

The Councilor for the Environment, Ramón López Escarabajal, explained that “in this way we want to celebrate the Tree Week, because on each day the students of the different courses of the two Redovanenses schools will go up.” At the same time he added that from his department, “they are offered a healthy lunch to complement the activity”.

The mayor has indicated that 800 copies of different plants will be planted, among which stands out the carob tree and the Carthaginian cypress.