The Diputación de Alicante approves the construction of the covered pavilion in the sports center of the B4 of Redován

The construction of the municipal covered pavilion in the B4 sector of Redován has been approved this morning in the Extraordinary Plenary Session of the Diputación de Alicante, as reported by Adrián Ballester, provincial deputy and first deputy mayor of Redován, together with Ramón López, Councilor for Sports of the municipality.

The tender budget for the work, included in the assessed technical report submitted to the Provincial Council, and of which the provincial institution will contribute 950,000 euros, has an estimated total cost of 1,210,000 euros to cover all project expenses, which will include construction of the sports center, the urbanization of the plot, the improvement of accesses and the conversion and reintegration of the previous facilities. In this way, the new pavilion will have an area of ​​2,408 square meters and 9.50 meters high, with a useful space for sports practice of 1,215 square meters equipped with double stands.

The architectural proposal was the winner of the contest of architectural ideas made by the City Council for its construction, which has sought to provide accessibility and functionality to the space. The building will be completed with a reception, storage and concierge, a covered multipurpose track, infirmary, four toilets and changing rooms for local team, visitor and referee, as well as a cafeteria and a running track, with an addition of 180 square meters for multipurpose space .

The construction of these facilities “will come to complete the municipal sports offer with renewed sports infrastructure and accessible to all neighbors, also for those who have reduced mobility,” said the Councilor for Sports.

For his part, Adrián Ballester has expressed his satisfaction at this milestone achieved for the municipality, since “it was a very demanded action by the citizens of Redován”, and that “it has been achieved thanks to the help and collaboration of the Diputación with the municipalities that compose it ”, he added.

The project will be available soon for viewing for the residents of Redován in the City Hall.

A subsidy allows the rehabilitation of Redován’s medical office to improve patient care

  • The 100,000 euros of the Generalitat’s help will go towards repairs on the façade, interior painting and a new air conditioning system

The Councilor for Health of the Municipality of Redován, Marisol Ibáñez, and the Town Planning Councilor, José Najar, have reported the concession to the City Council of Redován of a grant from the Ministry of Health for a value of 100,000 euros. This amount will be destined to the rehabilitation and architectural repair of the medical office of the municipality, located on the ground and first floors of the Sociocultural Municipal Center. The grant is framed within the PIAC plan of Architectural Intervention in Clinics.

The mayor of Health has reported the actions that will take place soon in the building, which includes repairs both inside and outside it. “This important subsidy will allow us to carry out the much-needed renovation of the façade,” Ibáñez explained, “with the elimination and replacement of the gresite plinth of the walls, and with the repair of the two exterior pillars, which are very oxidized and deteriorated. “

The repairs also include the installation of a stoneware plinth in the passage areas and waiting rooms of the office, as well as a repainting of the interiors. The action includes the installation of a new air conditioning equipment, “which will allow a better service to all citizens of Redován who need to go to this primary care center, so they can do it with all the guarantees”, said Ibáñez.

For his part, the councilman of Urbanism has said that the project will be put out to tender soon, since “20% of the work must be justified for the month of November”, and that as indicated by the project, “it is foreseen that once they start up, the works have a duration of six months “, during which the medical service in Redován will not be interrupted.

The City Council of Redován will improve the accessibility of the Center for the Third Age with the elimination of architectural barriers

  • The works valued at 10,317 euros will be will pay with a subsidy of 6,500 granted by the Generalitat Valenciana

Improve the accessibility of spaces public has been one of the concerns of the Redován City Council during the last years. In this way, architectural barriers have been eliminated in different places and now it’s the turn of the Center for the Third Age. “City Hall will undertake a work that will end the architectural barriers in the entrance to this building to which older people go daily and, in many cases, with reduced mobility. A project that will be covered by the grant granted by the Generalitat Valenciana just a few days ago, with an amount 6,500.31 euros, “said Councilor for Social Services, Nely Ruiz, which is 63% of the total cost. The rest of the budget, valued by technicians in 10,317 euros, will be assumed by the Consistory.

Redován is one of the 119 municipalities of the Valencian Community that have obtained this aid destined to localities of less than 50,000 inhabitants and its mayor, Emilio Fernández, has assured that it is “An improvement in accessibility that was necessary and whose execution we are going to Advance thanks to this help. “

Currently, access to the Center of the Third Age does not have a pedestrian ford on the sidewalk or a parking reservation for people with reduced mobility, its ramp has an excessive slope, greater of 10% and only has handrails on one side, while the steps of access do not have double height railing. In addition, the door is manual folding sheet, which forces the user to open it at the risk of possible falls, “a series of barriers that reduce the level of accessibility to some users who are characterized by reduced mobility due to their age advanced, “said Ruiz.

In this way, the works will consist of demolish and reconstruct the sidewalk to equip it with pedestrian access ford and signpost horizontally and vertically the parking reservation for people with reduced mobility. Likewise, the access ramp will be rebuilt and extended current so that the slope does not exceed the maximum of 10% and will be installed pavement tactile signaler. Both the ramp and the stepped access to center will be equipped with double handrails with steel protection railing stainless steel and, finally, the access door to the center will be replaced, that the existing one will be replaced by a sliding glass automatic door of two mobile leaves with metallic carpentry and including connection to the network electrical.

The City Council will channel rainwater from Menéndez Pelayo Street with a grant from the Provincial Council

The project will cost 49,828 euros and involves the construction of a concrete wall that deflects the water and the dragging of stones to the ravines

Redován 01/30/2019. The City Council of Redován will be able to execute, subsidized to 95% by the Provincial Delegation of Alicante, a project realized by municipal technicians in the year 2017 and directed to canalize the collection of rain water in the Mountain range of Redován, in particular in the backs of Menéndez Pelayo street. The mayor of Redova, Emilio Fernandez, explained that the total expected cost of the work is 49,828.31 euros including VAT “and the council will help us by contributing 95% of the total, ie 47,336.89 euros that will go to allow to end a problem suffered by the neighbors of the area. ” The councilor has indicated that in case of torrential rains the houses adjoining the mountains have been flooded by water runoff, “affecting patios and houses and sometimes accompanied by dragging stones with the danger involved, something that will end once that the waters are channeled towards the natural ravines of the zone “.

In this way, the work that is going to be done consists in the construction of a reinforced concrete wall that channels the water and slows down the dragging, as well as the perimeter fencing of a path that is very used by people who walk through this area and by children. . It will proceed to the cleaning and clearing of the land, the construction of the wall and the fence with galvanized mesh that prevents the passage to the houses next to the slope. The term of execution of the works, once they are awarded, will be two months.

The Provincial Council announced at the end of the year the granting of the subsidy “and we have set in motion to be able to begin its execution immediately and put an end to this problem”, said Fernandez, who has specified that the City Council of Redova will only have to provide a budget own 2,491.42 euros that complete the work budget.