Redován hires 17 unemployed as agricultural laborers

  • A subsidy of more than 66,700 euros from the Public Employment Service (SEPE) allows the hiring of these unemployed workers

The municipality of Redován has hired 17 unemployed people. This action has been possible thanks to the granting of a grant of more than 66,700 from the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), as announced by the Councilor for Employment, Maite Martínez.

The mayor has been satisfied by the hiring of these agricultural workers, since “generates jobs in the municipality and reduces the number of unemployed threatened by long-term unemployment.” In addition, they favor their practical training and the conservation of the natural environment of the municipality. “These conditioning actions are very important for the conservation of the environmental environment of areas such as the Ermita recreational area,” said Maite Martínez, “since they allow to avoid fires, and the dragging of water materials and avenues with rainfall, that could affect the security of the residents of Redován. “

The cleaning tasks began on July 1 and will run throughout the summer, until September 26. Thus, in days of 8 hours, the workers will carry out tasks of clearing scrubs and waste from ravines and roads of the town, transferring them to landfills authorized for processing and proper treatment. The main areas to be worked on will be the Rovira ravine, the La Sierra, Fortuna, La Escorrata, Los Cuartos, Vereda Ancha, and Masquefa trails, as well as the natural area surrounding the Ermita de Redován.

The City Council consolidates its employment policy with aid and training for the unemployed in sectors with more difficulties for employability

Martínez: “Despite not being a direct municipal competition, we have taken advantage of the opportunities that other institutions have given us to create jobs”

Redován11 / 2/2019. The Councilor for Development, Employment and Training of the Municipality of Redován, Maite Martínez, today took stock of the work of the departments she leads during this municipal mandate and stressed that in the last four years “we have consolidated our employment policies by implementing and worrying about training, especially unemployed people belonging to sectors with more difficulties for employability, such as those over 45 and young people. ” Martinez, who has appeared accompanied by the mayor of the town, Emilio Fernandez, has assured that from the City “we have done and we put a lot of emphasis on publicizing all job offers that come to us, and especially, having no powers direct in the matter, we have taken advantage of the opportunities that have given us other institutions such as the Generalitat through its Employment and Training Service, the Ministry of Labor, the Provincial or Convega to welcome any call that would create jobs or enable that the Redovanese unemployed had an option to a job. ”

During the last four years unemployment has fallen in Redován of the 1,028 people registered in June 2015, according to the Servef data, to the current 735, a decrease of 293 people “that we want to be even greater, because it is important for a small municipality and with the quality of life that we have in Redován that the majority of its population in active age can have a job “, has assured the mayor, Emilio Fernandez.

The Councilor for Employment has reviewed the various programs underway in the town in terms of recruitment and assistance, as is the case of those aimed at entrepreneurs, which have been implemented in the municipal budgets of recent years to encourage the creation of businesses; training scholarships for unemployed and graduated young people; the state and autonomic calls for the hiring of agricultural and construction workers, or the subsidies for the hiring of young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee System.

As for the training courses, the mayor has reported that “Redován and its municipal facilities have become headquarters for activities developed by supramunicipal entities such as the CdT or Convega”, and has specified that training activities have been conducted for food handling , the Vega Baja Tourism and Leisure employment workshop; the marketing and sales workshop called ‘School of Entrepreneurs’; course of local tourist promotion and information to the visitor, of organization and management of warehouses, of forklift, etc.

Likewise, tasks of orientation to certain groups have been developed within the Territorial Agreement on Employment and Local Development of the Vega Baja in collaboration with Convega and intended especially for groups such as young people, long-term unemployed, people with functional diversity or victims of sexist violence. “In the framework of this program and always with the collaboration of the Department of Employment, have made assessments and meetings among which the Emprende Youth Plan in which different training talks on youth guarantee developed,” said Martinez.

Within the Active Youth Program led by the Provincial Council of Alicante and in collaboration with Convega, a specialized training in Community Manager has been carried out in Redován, whose objective is the training and qualification of young people in the management of online marketing. Scholarship program with 600 euros and a duration of 6 months

Labor Guidance Service

It should be noted that since November 2017, Redován has, each week, a job guidance service provided by a Convega technician. “In the same, which is provided every Thursday from 9.00 to 14.00 hours at the City Council, various orientation actions are carried out as individualized tutoring and professional information for employment.”

As for the Department of Human Resources, Martinez has indicated that this mandate has launched the bag of janitors to meet the needs that occur in the municipal facilities of Redován as well as the project Relationship of Jobs (RPT) of the townhall. “We have much to do, but this is the letter of introduction of the Department of Development, Employment and Training for the last four years,” concluded Martinez.

Redován will have a job guidance service that will be provided at the City Council every Thursday

Redován 11/3/2017 The City Council of Redován incorporates, starting next Thursday, the new Labor Guidance Service that will be provided by a technician from the Economic Consortium of Vega Baja (Convega) to the unemployed in the town. The objective of this service, as explained by the Councilor for Employment, Maite Martinez, is none other than "helping people in situation of unemployment to connect with companies, a meeting that we believe can be fostered through the Convega".

Interested persons can request an appointment or information through the phone 629651644 or email, as well as attend in person every Thursday from 9.00 to 14.00 hours at City Hall. The technician will carry out individualized tutoring, an analysis of the work situation, establish professional objectives and take the first steps for labor insertion with all types of information and advice, both in search of employment and in personal aspects related to work. In the same way, it will provide professional information for employment, where it will provide information on the labor market, training and related services offered by different entities.

Maite Martínez encourages the people of Redovana who are unemployed to "make use of this service, because it will help them connect with the labor market." The mayor stressed that it is not aimed at a profile of unemployed in particular, so they can attend both young and long-term unemployed, etc. The councilor also thanked the willingness of Convega to work with a sector of society, the unemployed "that concerns us, and much, in Redován."

Juvenile arrest

With regard to the young unemployed sector, Redován hosted a few days ago, also together with Convega, a talk on the Young Entrepreneurship Plan Vega Baja aimed at under-25s enrolled in the Servef, "an action that aims to repeat on November 20 and that will continue in time, with training actions aimed at this sector of the population, "says the mayor.

Redován hosts this Wednesday the ‘Citizen Forum’ of the territorial agreement of the Vega Baja

The social center of the Third Age of Redován will host this Wednesday, starting at 19.00 hours, the ‘Citizen Forum’ of the territorial agreement of the Vega Baja. This meeting is organized within the framework of the Territorial Agreement on Employment and Local Development, with the collaboration of the Department of Employment of the Consistory.

The objective is to promote citizen participation through the analysis of topics of interest for the development of our territory, weaknesses and strengths around employment, training and innovation. “It is a forum with capacity for analysis in which it is trying to draw objective conclusions about the employability needs in the region”, assured the Councilor for Employment, Maite Martínez, and added that “these conclusions will seek to develop policies of concrete employment defining the productive sectors in which to act “.

The guidelines that are being carried out are drawn from the ‘Practical guide for the realization of territorial diagnostics for the promotion of employment’, prepared by the University of Valencia and coordinated by the Vice-rector of Participation and Territorial Projection, Jorge Hermosilla. The Vice-rector of Students and Employment of the University of Alicante, Nuria Grané, coordinates the supervision tasks of this study, which has a grant from Servef.

The conclusions drawn from consensus will be reflected in the final document of the study of the territorial diagnosis, which is being prepared from December 2016.

Martinez recalled that the forum is aimed at all citizens who want to express their opinion and encouraged the neighbors of the region to participate to “propose ideas for the development of our territory.” Those interested in obtaining more information can get in touch through the Economic Development Consortium of Vega Baja (Convega).