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  • Both locations are aimed at the cultural, musical and educational exchange that will begin through students of the IES and the Musical Union

Redován 4/24/2019. The municípios of Redován and Saint Aubin de Médoc have certified in the French town the twinning started last October in Redován and approved by the Redován City Council Plenary in November 2018. The mayor, Emilio Fernández, together with the first mayor of Saint Aubin, Christophe Duprat, has signed the twinning with his signature, an act that has had as witnesses the president of the Twinning Committee, Patricia Arnaud and Alberto Martínez on behalf of the Redován Committee. This twinning aims at a cultural, musical and educational exchange between both municipalities.

The visit to Saint Aubin de Médoc lasts for three days “and the goal is to put in March projects immediately, “said Emilio Fernandez, who has pointed out that the first will be “exchange of students both our Musical Union as of the IES Jaime de Sant Ángel “.

A tram called ‘Ville de Redován’

The mayor of Redovan also thanked the fact that it was named one of the Trams from the city of Bordeaux as ‘Ville de Redován’. Fernandez has specified that the transport account “with the inscription of our shield and envelope the door specifies that we are a twin town with Saint Aubin’s Médoc, a pride for our people. ” The first mayor has thanked this gesture to Patrik Bobet, president of the Metropoli de Bordeaux, during the reception made to the Redovanense expedition.