The Local Police and the Civil Guard detain a man who allegedly was going to rob in houses of Redován

Redován 6/7/2017. The Local Police of Redován, in collaboration with the Civil Guard of Callosa de Segura, has arrested early this afternoon an individual who allegedly attempted to steal in several houses of the town accessing them through the rooftops. The incident occurred at about two-fifteen this afternoon, after a neighbor had notified the Local Police that he was seeing a man from his house on the roofs of several houses between the streets Mayor and de Abajo. Immediately the agents have come to the call and have started an operation that counted on the available troops at that moment, another police that has been incorporated before time to the shift to help in the work and two patrols of the Civil Guard Of Callosa that have been required.

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Ramón López, has emphasized that “impeccable” work has been done. The mayor, who has also been a direct witness and even participated in receiving calls from neighbors and neighbors who have been indicating where the alleged thief was, has reported how police officials have proceeded to cordon the area between the streets Mayor and Down to corner To the individual and capture him. From the Town Hall of Redován has been outstanding the action of the agents, both Local Police and Civil Guard, “for their speedy action, while grateful for citizen collaboration in cases like this, since without the call of the neighbor and The ones that have been made by others afterwards, by noting where it was, it would not have been possible to intercept and capture the alleged thief, “Lopez said.

Three arrests this week

This is the third arrest in Redován this week for similar events. Ramón López stated that in all cases they were people who “were seeing the opportunity to enter the houses through open courtyards or any other place,” taking advantage of the fact that everything is open in the summer as well as the inhabitants May be off on vacation. Before this the council called on all the neighbors to take the appropriate measures, especially if they leave their home to enjoy the summer outside the locality.