Redován City Council postpones DANA tribute ceremony for health security to prevent COVID-19 spreading

  • Plaza de la Paz was going to be the scenery, on September 5th, for the recognition of the people of Redován and the organizations, formations and volunteers that helped during DANA

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, announced today that for health security regarding the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to postpone, without a date, the act of tribute to the town of Redován, awarding the Gold Medal for its action and solidarity during DANA last September, and in recognition of the different formations, security forces and volunteers who acted in the municipality during the floods.

The celebration was scheduled for next September 5th with all security measures guaranteed, but finally the decision has been made to postpone it “much to our regret, due to the recent information of the generalized increase in the province of Alicante infections caused by COVID -19, so from the government team we have decided that the most convenient thing was to wait until it’s possible to carry out this tribute in the safest way possible to avoid risks ”, the mayor reported.

This tribute was to be held in the Plaza de la Paz, where the Gold Medal would’ve been awarded to the town of Redován, the highest distinction that the City Council can grant to reward extraordinary actions or services performed for the municipality, and caused by their heroic performance and solidarity during the development of DANA. “We are saddened to communicate this postponement, since we consider that the tribute to our people is surely deserved,” said the mayor, “but we believe that we must always give priority to the health and security of our neighbors, and take measures adjusted to the situation to avoid contagion and the spread of the virus as much as possible ”.

Ruiz has expressed his desire that this tribute can be carried out “as soon as possible”, as well as “to be able to show the people of Redován the audiovisual project that we were developing to remember, always with respect, those difficult days in which its inhabitants knew how to rise to the occasion ”. This memorial video was to be made thanks to the videos and photographs that the neighbors themselves have been sending to the City Council, to which the mayor wanted to thank their collaboration.

Under normal circumstances, Redován would start his festivities in the coming days, so Nely Ruiz has taken the opportunity to call for the responsibility of citizens, especially younger people, “to follow all security measures and not skip them at no time, since containing the virus is the task of each and every one of the residents of our municipality ”. The City Council has launched a series of videos on social networks featuring queens and festive charges where responsibility is appealed and especially the use of a mask and hand hygiene.