The Redován City Council will present the Gold Medal to the citizens of the municipality for their actions and solidarity during the DANA in September

  • The proposal will be brought to the Plenary and the distinction will be delivered in the act of tribute that the City Council plans for next Saturday, September 5

At the proposal of the Department of Citizen Security of the City of Redován, led by Adrián Ballester, the City of Redovanense will award the Gold Medal to the citizens of the municipality for their performance and solidarity during the DANA in September. The proposal has been discussed today in an informative commission and has had the support of all political groups with a municipal presence, so it will now be raised to plenary for approval. Adrián Ballester explained that this distinction arises “due to the strength and solidarity shown by the people of Redován during an episode that has undoubtedly marked our citizens”, explained the mayor.

“There were multiple heroic displays of solidarity or merit of aid, so it is a decoration awarded by the City Council to reward extraordinary actions or services carried out in favor of the town,” said Ballester. Once the approval process has passed in plenary session, it is planned that this Gold Medal will be delivered to the town of Redován in the tribute act that the Consistory is preparing for next Saturday, September 5, and that will take place from 20:30 in the Plaza de la Paz.

Thus, “and when one year has passed since these fateful floods suffered in our municipality and also in Vega Baja”, explained the mayor of the town, Nely Ruiz, “it seemed appropriate to reward the attitude and strength of our neighbors during those hard days, in which difficult moments were lived in which the people of Rehovan knew how to rise to the occasion ”, he added.

This event will also honor the various organizations, training and volunteers, in recognition of the municipality’s aid and protection efforts during the development of DANA and in the repair work, such as the Local Police, the Civil Guard, the Unit Emergency Military (UME), National Police and Fire, or the municipal brigade.

In the same way, the City Council is preparing an audiovisual project to carry out this tribute, and in which “we also ask for citizen collaboration to collect videos and images that reflect the situation of the municipality during those days,” the councilor reported. In this way, and those who want to contribute to its preparation, may do so by sending the material by email to the address before August 16.

Redován City Council will bring before the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office the alleged illegal diversion from the Rambla de Abanilla to Redován

  • The technicians detect the manufacture of a wall at the fork of the channel that pours the water to the Cabezo area towards Orihuela and Redován
  • The mayor fears more serious floods after torrential rains, as the water is already flowing through the channel that leads to Redován
  • The government team suspects that the works, which have not been agreed upon, could be promoted by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation

The Redován City Council plans to report to the Public Prosecutor for the Environment the alleged detour that is taking place from the Rambla de Abanilla to Redován. This has been decided by the municipal government after the last meeting of the Vega Renhace Plan, where the construction of a wall at the fork of the channel towards Orihuela and Redován at Benferri height was verified, which, in the event of torrential rains, would pour the entire flow of the boulevard towards the area known as El Cabezo in Redován, which arouses great concern because the consequences experienced during the DANA in September could be greatly aggravated, although with that wall they fear damage almost from any precipitation registered.

This situation is of great concern in the City Council, since even now when it has not rained in a torrential way, the water runs through the channel known as Rambla de Redován from the fork in Benferri, as recorded in the images that accompany this note. The mayor, Nely Ruiz, has indicated that “as was recommended to our technicians during the meeting, we are going to ask in writing to the Renhace Plan of the Generalitat Valenciana a series of actions that are necessary and that I want to make clear that in some cases are not about new claims, but have already been made before, to try to improve the channeling of rainwater to Redován to avoid flooding. ”

The councilor has assured that “with a DANA like that of last September still very much alive in the memory of all Redovans, we cannot allow our municipal term to be put at even more risk with actions such as that wall that we have verified with our Our own eyes how it is being built and that it would bring us even more water, and I repeat, we have had to verify it with our own eyes because nobody has communicated anything about it to the City Council ”. In this sense, he added that the Vega Renhace Plan “should treat all municipalities and territories equally, whether they are larger or smaller, and should be an opportunity to improve the rainwater infrastructures of our entire region and not to worsen them, which is as we consider Redován to be right now ”.

Thus, in the letter that has been prepared for the Vega Renhace Plan, an action will be requested to improve the canalization of the Rambla de Abanilla as a result of that wall that rises at the fork “we understand that promoted by the Confederation Hidrográfica del Segura, with the intention of channeling all the waters to Redován, to which it is necessary to provide an immediate solution ”.

Likewise, the need to acquire, by the Ministry of the Environment through the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura, the private-owned plot into which the water is dumped from the rambla is also stressed. In this sense, the Councilor for Urban Planning, José Nájar, indicates that “this rustic soil that was once a mining operation has a hole capable of collecting around 200,000 cubic meters of water.” That is why it is there where the riverbed of the rambla is poured “for the benefit of all the residents of Redován and Orihuela, without any compensation for the owner, who for his part can not make use of land owned by him,” hence the need to acquire that land.

Thirdly, the execution of a second collector in the municipal area and a raft for the collection of 30,000 cubic meters of water are urged, an action included in a technical study carried out by the Redován City Council for the channeling of rainwater that requires the financing of a higher administration for its execution.

The spokesman for the municipal government and also Councilor for Citizen Security of Redován, Adrián Ballester, has assured that “our legal services are studying all possibilities and we will take whoever we have to take to court with the sole objective of keeping our neighbors safe in situations torrential rains that we know will be repeated in our territory even, as experts say, with increasing frequency ”. Ballester has assured that the law prevents any diversion from a channel, “and for this reason we consider that the Environment Prosecutor’s Office must investigate what is happening with this boulevard.”

Redován requests more than 300,000 euros in aid to repair the damage caused by DANA

  • The municipality will use the aid to cover expenses of the municipal shelter, repair of infrastructures and municipal buildings and street cleaning

The Town Planning Councilor, José Najar, has appeared today to publicize the actions carried out and the situation in which the municipality of Redován is, after two months of the floods that so badly affected the town and also The whole region.

In total, approximately regional and state aid have been requested for an approximate value of 328,845 euros, “which will be used to defray and mitigate the damage caused by this atmospheric phenomenon last September,” said the mayor of Urban Planning. Thus, 54,332 euros have been requested through the help of the Generalitat Valenciana, “of which 1,156 will be dedicated to the operation and supply costs of the municipal shelter and the parish hall during the first days of the DANA”, has José Najar informed.

Similarly, “8,506 euros will be used to pay municipal staff who during these days have been processing requests for help from the affected neighbors of Redován, amounting to a total of 400 applications,” he added. The bulk of the regional “will be applied to the extraordinary expenses of the days after the DANA, intended for street cleaning, water pumping of waterlogged areas, and the replacement of containers, which amount to 44,669 euros,” said Nájar.

On the other hand, the councilor has also referred to the 114,514 euros of state aid requested “to cover the costs of municipal dependency arrangements, the removal of household goods, the implementation of the special street cleaning service, as well as repair of the water supply and sewerage network ”.

These grants join those recently announced by the Diputación de Alicante, “which now has a plan of 8,000,000 euros for the repair of affected municipal infrastructure, as well as grants of 4,000 euros for the repair of roads”, has added the mayor. Likewise, Redován City Council has 10 complaint files open with the different companies and with the Insurance Consortium in relation to municipal buildings. In addition, “the City Council will hire 11 workers for six months through a grant of more than 160,000 euros from the Ministry of Employment, which will be responsible for carrying out actions in affected areas of the municipality such as the Place of La Ermita or the arrangement of roads ”, adds the Town Planning Councilor.

Redován processes 600 applications for aid for essential goods for those affected by DANA

A total of six hundred applications for regional aid to alleviate the loss of essential goods are those that have been processed in the municipality of Redován, through the offices established by the City Council to assist with the processing of the same to the neighbors and neighbors of the municipality that were affected by the floods last September.

This has been announced by the local mayor, Nely Ruiz, and the first deputy mayor and emergency councilor of the Redován City Council, Adrián Ballester. The first mayor explained that “it was three intense weeks in which this municipal office attended to all the Redovans who have needed assistance with the processing of these grants.” And it is that “our objective from the first moment has been
help and facilitate these procedures to all the neighbors, always having as a priority the return to normality as soon as possible ”, he added.

Once the deadline for these regional grants for homes, appliances or essential goods that were damaged by the storm is over, the mayor of Emergency has urged citizens “to process as soon as possible the rest of available aid, both at the regional level as at the state level, ”he said.

For a better service to the residents of the municipality, the Redován City Council will again offer information and help with the presentation of the necessary documentation to request these grants. The opening hours will be from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. To make use of this service, you must request an appointment by phone 96 675 40 25.

Aid available for victims
Citizens may request until December 9 in the City Council the new aid published by the Generalitat Valenciana to mitigate the damage caused to homes, with compensation between 4,062 and 15,120 euros, depending on the damage detected and if it is The usual home. Likewise, aid for the purchase of a new car or motorcycle may be processed until January 23, 2020 in the event that your vehicle has been declared as a total accident as a result of the rainstorm. The amounts will range between 500 and 1,000 euros. Ballester also recalled that the deadline for requesting rental assistance “remains open, and may be requested until Wednesday, October 30”.

With regard to state aid, citizens “can also request them in cases of death and disability that have been caused by these floods, as well as those that affect household goods and housing, until November 21”, has remembered Ballester. These grants will be compatible with those of the Insurance Consortium and those of the Valencian Generalitat, “provided that the amount of the same does not exceed the total cost of the work, something verifiable through the works license and the invoice that must be requested, as well as the transfers themselves, ”he added.

Those interested can consult the list of aid available for victims, as well as the requirements and necessary documentation and download forms, on the municipal website web ’.