Redován Local Police arrest the alleged perpetrator of several thefts from vehicles, some in the vicinity of the Via Ferrata

  • The individual was caught with items allegedly stolen from the cars broken into on Sunday morning.

Officers of the Redován Local Police arrested on Sunday afternoon the alleged perpetrator of several robberies with force inside vehicles in the municipality. Some of these criminal acts had taken place in the vicinity of the Via Ferrata de Redován, which had generated alert among the people who come to practice sport in this unique space in the Vega Baja and now they can be calm, because the alleged perpetrator has been captured.

The arrest took place at around seven o’clock on Sunday afternoon, when the agents, after an intense search, found the individual of Algerian origin who is allegedly responsible for several thefts inside vehicles that took place that morning. Apparently, the man took advantage of the fact that the owners were not around to break the windows of the cars and gain access to the interior in order to get hold of personal belongings and any cash he could find. It was the owners of the vehicles who alerted the Local Police, and who also provided the officers with the man’s physical characteristics and clothing.

On the arrival of the patrol, the individual fled on a bicycle along various rural roads, so a search was initiated, which ended in the vicinity of Redován when the police intercepted a person who matched the description provided by the witnesses and who was later confirmed as the alleged perpetrator of the crime. At the time of his capture, the detainee was riding a bicycle in which he was carrying two bags with different construction tools, allegedly used to break into vehicles, two mobile phones, kitchen utensils and 300 euros in cash, which he could not prove his ownership. For all these reasons, he was apprehended by the agents and placed at the disposal of the Guardia Civil for his subsequent transfer to the judicial authority.

Redován Local Police warns of the danger of fire caused by the dumping of fire debris in the container

  • The deposit of materials such as ash, coal or embers from cookers and fireplaces without being properly extinguished is not permitted and can lead to fines of up to 750 euros

Avoiding the risk of fire is the objective of the Redován Local Police, which warns of the increase in the number of rubbish containers that have been burnt in recent days by the dumping of ashes, coal or embers from cookers and chimneys in the municipality’s homes. As reported by the Councillor for Public Safety, Adrian Ballester, these materials “are being deposited in the rubbish containers without first checking that they are completely extinguished, which increases the risk of fire and the consequent danger to nearby homes, vehicles parked in the vicinity or forest areas,” he explained.

This practice, as well as involving the mobilisation of emergency and fire-fighting resources to extinguish the fire, entails considerable costs for both the Fire Brigade and the Town Council in replacing the damaged containers, since “there have already been four such fires in the last week”, as Ballester indicated. The Local Police reminded the public that the municipal ordinance of coexistence, cleanliness and decoration of the public thoroughfare of Redován establishes the prohibition of “depositing lit materials in rubbish bins and containers”, cataloguing it as an infraction that can lead to sanctions of up to 750 euros together with the obligation to repair the damage caused.

The Councillor for Public Safety wanted to thank the public in advance for their collaboration in this task, adding that, in this way, “situations of risk for everyone can be prevented that can be easily avoided by following some simple instructions”.

From the Local Police Headquarters and the Redován Town Hall we ask for caution when disposing of embers from cookers and fireplaces and not to throw them into the organic waste container, as embers can retain heat for several hours. That is why “it is recommended that we have a bucket or metal container on our terrace or garden where we can deposit the ashes for more than 24 hours, immersing them in water to be completely sure that they cannot ignite and always with the precaution of not inhaling the smoke”, explained the councillor. In the case of the coal, it will be necessary to let it cool down for 48 hours, pouring water over the hot coal and carefully removing it to accelerate the cooling process.

Local Police in Redován sanction 10 people this weekend for not complying with health regulations in front of Covid-19

  • Officials step up surveillance and begin a campaign of controls to ensure compliance with the new measures decreed by the Generalitat and following the decree of the State of Alert by the Central Government

Redován City Council, through the Department of Public Safety, has announced the increase of police surveillance, as well as the start of a campaign of controls in different parts of the municipality, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the new rules issued by the Generalitat to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in view of the increase in positive cases in recent days. In this way, and during this weekend in which the Central Government has again decreed the State of Alarm throughout the country, the first fines in this area have already been imposed, “having already sanctioned 10 people in Redován for the breach of this regulation for health safety,” as announced by the councillor responsible for the area, Adrian Ballester.

The councillor also announced that “local police officers are going to increase their vigilance both in the municipality’s catering establishments, to check that they are strictly complying with these new regulations, and in the parks and various hot spots in the town, to avoid the concentration of young people and unhealthy practices such as the botellón”. As the councillor has expressed, these uncivic actions, apart from generating rubbish and disturbing the residents, “pose a risk to all citizens, even more so if the mask is not worn and the interpersonal safety distance is not maintained in this type of meeting”, explained Ballester.

The new measures announced by the regional government came into force on Sunday 25 October, and their main novelty is the limitation of the freedom of movement of people from 00.00 at night to 6.00 in the morning, except for justified reasons. Meetings in both public and private spaces will be limited to six people not living together, along with the closure of gardens and outdoor areas from 10pm to 8am.

Likewise, consumption in hotel and catering establishments will not be able to take place at the bar, always with a maximum of six people per table and establishing the closure of the premises from 00:00 hours. The measure also prohibits the sale of alcohol between 22:00 and 8:00 hours, except for hotel and catering establishments. “We hope that these measures and the increased vigilance of our agents will serve to make citizens understand the need to work together to minimise the risk of infection and to defeat the virus together,” concluded Ballester.

Redován City Council postpones DANA tribute ceremony for health security to prevent COVID-19 spreading

  • Plaza de la Paz was going to be the scenery, on September 5th, for the recognition of the people of Redován and the organizations, formations and volunteers that helped during DANA

The mayor of Redován, Nely Ruiz, announced today that for health security regarding the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to postpone, without a date, the act of tribute to the town of Redován, awarding the Gold Medal for its action and solidarity during DANA last September, and in recognition of the different formations, security forces and volunteers who acted in the municipality during the floods.

The celebration was scheduled for next September 5th with all security measures guaranteed, but finally the decision has been made to postpone it “much to our regret, due to the recent information of the generalized increase in the province of Alicante infections caused by COVID -19, so from the government team we have decided that the most convenient thing was to wait until it’s possible to carry out this tribute in the safest way possible to avoid risks ”, the mayor reported.

This tribute was to be held in the Plaza de la Paz, where the Gold Medal would’ve been awarded to the town of Redován, the highest distinction that the City Council can grant to reward extraordinary actions or services performed for the municipality, and caused by their heroic performance and solidarity during the development of DANA. “We are saddened to communicate this postponement, since we consider that the tribute to our people is surely deserved,” said the mayor, “but we believe that we must always give priority to the health and security of our neighbors, and take measures adjusted to the situation to avoid contagion and the spread of the virus as much as possible ”.

Ruiz has expressed his desire that this tribute can be carried out “as soon as possible”, as well as “to be able to show the people of Redován the audiovisual project that we were developing to remember, always with respect, those difficult days in which its inhabitants knew how to rise to the occasion ”. This memorial video was to be made thanks to the videos and photographs that the neighbors themselves have been sending to the City Council, to which the mayor wanted to thank their collaboration.

Under normal circumstances, Redován would start his festivities in the coming days, so Nely Ruiz has taken the opportunity to call for the responsibility of citizens, especially younger people, “to follow all security measures and not skip them at no time, since containing the virus is the task of each and every one of the residents of our municipality ”. The City Council has launched a series of videos on social networks featuring queens and festive charges where responsibility is appealed and especially the use of a mask and hand hygiene.

The City Council of Redován approves the Reduced Plan for the Prevention of Forest Fires of the municipality

  • • The Corporation gives the green light to the Local Burning Plan, approved unanimously, which extends the restrictions to Easter and Easter
    • The Consistory will send the project to the Generalitat for its final approval and to protect up to 280 hectares of mountains and its forest mass

The Redován City Council has approved the Reduced Fire Prevention Plan for the municipality during the last Extraordinary Plenary. “This is a regulation of vital importance for all municipalities that, like Redován, have forest areas in territories with a high probability of fire, such as those of the Valencian Community”, said the Councilor for Citizen Security, Adrián Ballester, and especially during the summer months, with the increased risk with rising temperatures.

In this way, the document delimits the protection zone, of approximately 280 hectares, which includes the Sierra de Redován and its forest mass, as well as the micro-reserve of flora called ‘Peñón de la Llobera’, the Sierra de Callosa as Place of Cultural Interest, and the corresponding area of the Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA) of the Valencian Community for the southern mountains of Alicante. The area also includes as areas of special protection the recreational space of La Ermita de Redován and the municipal cemetery, as well as the homes and industrial areas near it.

This regulation also indicates the protection and prevention measures against fires that the Redován City Council will carry out in the municipal term “with the adaptation and surveillance of the paella areas in the hermitage on the days of maximum risk”, said the councilor , “In addition to carrying out scheduled clearing of the perimeter, the placement of metal containers, and ensuring the maintenance of water sources.” In the same way, public dissemination and information work will also be carried out, through posters and information brochures, as well as an informative day for neighbors and companies in the area in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Emergency Climate and Ecological Transition to deepen awareness and prevention against fire ”, added Ballester.

The Local Fire Prevention Plan is also accompanied by a Local Burning Plan to regulate the burning of agricultural remains on non-urban land throughout the year, indicating the space and conditions that must be met to carry out with the minimum risk of fires. Likewise, the express prohibition of the regional regulations on burning from July 1 to October 16, the City Council also extends it during Holy Week and Easter for the entire municipality of Redován.

Ballester recalled that, according to regional regulations, “to carry out any burning, a notification must be made to the City Council specifying the day, place and time it will take place, and the details of the owner of the land on which it is going to be developed, always and in the period between sunrise and noon ”, explained the councilor. The execution of the burning will also depend on the risk of fire on the chosen day, and cannot be carried out on days when the alert is level 2 or 3.

For her part, the mayor of the municipality, Nely Ruiz, has assured that the approval of this plan is “very good news”, since “our mountains and landscape are one of the great riches that Redován has available”, with what “we will always work towards any action or regulation that can ensure its protection”, she concluded.